Monday, November 23, 2009

It's SOOO...Not ME, Monday!

I feel like...SOOO! NOT ME!

It wasn't me who stayed up way to late, organizing, deleting dupicate and blurred picture from her overly full photo albums...Nope, NOT ME!

What a chore that was, but am so happy to see an increase in my free space. Just so I could add more pictures from this weekend. It won't be me who goes out this Black Friday so to get a great deal on an external storage drive...Nope, NOT ME!

It wasn't me who ran out right after the NASCAR race was over to spend some quality time with my DIL...Nope, NOT ME!

...But not before I watch Jimmie Johnson win his 4 in a Row Championship...

It wasn't me who fell asleep on the couch after deleting all those pictures while I watched I movie I can't even remember what it was...Nope, NOT ME!

It won't be me who takes a nap before her grandma days begins with dancing lessons with Ellie...Nope, NOT ME!

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