Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 2 Vegging (Plus an update)

I am getting the hang of my regular blogspot and have been blogging more this last month then ever. I am already working on and arranging my end of the year blog.

Now I signed up for this NaBloPoMo and need to figure out how my posting here links to it or do I post here and there also. I called my daughter but she wasn't sure either how it worked so I will be a student these first few days and learn just how it works.

Today I am car...nowhere to go...and honestly, I am exhausted from the funfilled weekend we had. As I always do, I over did it to where I could barely walk this morning. So I am relaxing on the couch watching the V marathon (the original). Since the new one starts this week, I thought it would be fun to revisit the old. What is interesting is the dialog, acting, and technical things from 1984. Can't wait to see it tomorrow in 2009 technology.

*Update on Day 2*

I had a Grandma Day after all.

My daughter completely forgot she was to pick up the kids so by the time she got there dance had already begun. Sister will just do a makeup day on Saturday. Once here, homework was yo get done before any playing of any games. Sister got right on her assignments but brother, just started crying. Nothing I did would pull him out of it. I tried a cold water to the face, cold wash cloth on the next, insentives also were not working. When sister got finished with hers, we went outside to swing. We could hear brother crying all the way out at the swings. At one point, he was quiet so I checked on him only for him to start up again. Sister and I went out to draw with chalk on the driveway and let him be. Uncle (Officer A) came for a visit and asked where brother was. I told him of the last hours tantrum and he went in the house. He came out 15 minutes later, said he had a call and by the way, brother got his homework done. What the? I thanked him and not far behind him came brother, happy as can be. I conclude it is a gender thing. He then got right into the chalk play, created a race track to race their hot wheels. Mom came not to long after and my Grandma day was done.

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