Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 15...Let's Go Racing Boy's

Raceday is so exciting! So many people filing in! Busy! Busy! Busy!

We were up by 7:00 am for the gates to open at 8:00. Of course we hit the drivers trailers first for our friends to do their shopping. On our way we saw Joey Lagano doing autographs at his trailer.

Matt and Larry waiting for Tammy to finish buying out the Jimmie Johnson trailer.

We headed back to the trailer to cook brunch before the races while they finished their shopping. We finished just in time for Raceday filming and headed into the track. Tammy got all the way to the front and her family saw her on T.V. at home. We headed to our seats while they enjoyed their experience. They made it up just in time for driver introductions.

It was easy to see early into the race that Jimmie was going to dominate the race. So long as he stayed out front there was no chance of a repeat of last week. To watch him win was great. For Tammy, being her first PIR race and for Jimmie to win even better. It was nice have a Jimmie fan buddy for the race. I didn't feel like the lone ranger, LOL.

Jimmie's Victory Lap!

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