Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 14...Nationwide Day

Today is the Nationwide race. We didn't really do much of anything other then shop at the drivers trailers. We were waiting for guest to arrive and couldn't get a hold of them. We worried they wouldn't make it in time for the race and they didn't.

They finally arrived by the end of the race and were waiting for us at our trailer. It was time to head back to the track for Hot Laps. As season ticket holders PIR gives us a thank you gift in November to go out on the track for 3 fast hot laps. Last year when they began doing it, it was the holder only but this year it included one guest as well. Since we have done it before we gave the experience to our friends. We went down to the infield with them to watch and once there, they allowed us to go for a ride as well. When I pulled out my camera to take pictures, my battery died so I have no pictures. Our friends had a really good time, even though Tammy was a bit hesitant about going fast. Her hubby on the other hand enjoyed it so much he now wants to go race one himself.

These pictures are from April of 2008 during our first Hot Lap experience. I have a video but can't seem to get it on here. During the April race it is called Hot Laps for the Troups. Each lap consist of a warm up lap, then a lap at top speed, then a lap to the pit entrance. The cost was $50 and Larry and I each did it once that night and then I did another set of laps on Saturday with my brother and sister in law. During this time our driver got our car up to speed of 135 miles per hour. Our driving tonight was obvioulsy a rookie as he barely got the car to 108 and tried to convince us that is how fast the cars can go. My hubby had the owner driving his car and they went as fast as we did the first time, so it depends on who you having driving. From here out, we will always pick the older guys, more guts and more glory!

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