Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 13...Trucks and Cars

No bad luck for this Friday the 13th!

Today is the day we spend ALL day in the pits. Each race experience you wonder if you can top the previous one...and then you do!

It started with with a trip through the midway on our way to the pits. It't the best day to do it, not crowded at all and makes for a wonderful time.

Then it was time for Sprint Cup and Nationwide practice. A good location to watch, the entrance of pit row when they come off the track and are heading back to the garage for adjustments. Some times we are up where they come out from the garages to get onto the track but so many people are there and with me in a chair, makes it hard for me to see and get good pictures. We found that going to this other spot works well.

As practice was ending they began the final tech for truck qualifying. So long as we stayed out of the way the officals let us stay and watch. Larry was able to get right in there, ask questions, and see just how they do things.

It was then time for truck qualifying and they again let us stay through that as well. At one pint we were boxed in but was able to move out and around as the crowd of officals, drivers, and media moved down.

As we moved out of our box, Cup qualifying was about to begin. The officals once again let us stay in the off limits area and as they finished their qualifying run, they would walk right past us, or like Kasey Kahne, who would sit right down next to us.



Then Jimmie qualified. I was happy to get these first pictures of him, but then...

He walked right past us! Larry walked out to him and I got Jimmie's autogragh again! He was like 2 feet from me. It doesn't get any better!

Oh yes it did! Back in April, I got to meet him and talk to him him for like 5 minutes. He signed my chair, my ticket and gave each of us an autographed die cast car.


As the sun began to set, it was time for the Camping World Truck race.

The race was very exciting as Ron Hornaday drove off to clinch the Truck Championship and his owner, Kevin Harvick, won the race. I didn't get any pictures of their dual victory lap but you can see it here...

I always feel so blessed to have such great expreciences

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