Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandma Day

I love how much Ellie enjoys her dance class. Of the 6 girls in her class, I must say, she knows her positions better then most. Her tapping is so cute and she keeps up with the teacher very well. Anthony is so funny, he repeats a lot of the moves in the observation area. Me and another mom talked about how he would enjoy dancing but we can't see him in a class of all girls. I'll continue to talk with the ladies about this and see if there is a class that would fit. He needs an activity of his own so we'll check into soccer for him.

After dance we came to the house so the kids could see all the decorations we had done, not to mention the new wall and work grandpa had done.

Anthony checked on the turtles and fed them. Ellie just wanted to read her new book. Once grandpa came home, he had their undivided attention.

I just love my grandma days, every Monday and Friday. Plus we have Sunday family dinners together. Our blessings.

Ellie ready for her dance recital this last June. She was a pumpkin in Cinderella and danced to Bibbity Bobbity Boo

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