Friday, August 23, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Pace

Today's prompt fits ideally this week.

Recently, I was reminded to pace myself...

I'd been struggling, yet again. I know, I know it's nothing new, and yes, we've been through it before. I'm also sure there will be other struggles ahead. It's inevitable in that even the world around us is struggling, isn't it?

Struggles aren't all bad, it just means...


Seriously though, everything seems to be moving at a snail's pace...


The doctor appointments over the last few months seem to have not only created an emotional roller coaster of so many unknown turns, but it also has us at a snail's pace.

Thankfully we know how to navigate through this stuff. So, when everything turned out okay, there wasn't really that feeling of jubilation, it was more like a feeling I knew all too well, one of more confusion, more questions, and even more prayers.

If it wasn't cancer, then what is it?

I didn't pray for it to be cancer, I prayed for answers.

Cancer was the last thing I had thought about. I figured from the beginning, it had something to do with the aftermath of that botched surgery that actually began this journey. I've heard scar tissue can cause all kinds of bumps in a road.

After a few minutes to regain my ground, I asked again...then what is it?

The answer, they don't know!

What we do know is there is a rather substantial growth of unknown origin. I guess when you hear the doctor say during a cystoscopy, he's never seen anything like it and allows me to see what he is talking about, I have every right to be concerned...


... so now we wait for the insurance to approve more tests. They seem to work at a pace all of their own. It took two months to get that last special MRI approved and scheduled. Seems most technicians have never done one. We were so blessed with finding one who wanted to figure it out.

While this medical world has us moving at a snail pace, it does allows us time. We can continue in the directions we began 2019, pacing ourselves for new business endeavors, growth, and other wondrous things God has for us along this journey of ours.

I really am so thankful for the pace we are growing at, so long as it's God's...

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See ya' next week!


  1. 'the pace we are growing at, so long as it's God's' - what wise words.
    Something I need to keep in mind for a long term family health issue we are going through too.
    Thank you and may God give you the answers you need.
    Your FMF Neighbour #35

    1. Thank you, neighbor. Praying for your family as you navigate this path in your journey.


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