Friday, August 16, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Hospitality


In five-minutes...


I know when one is writing for a Christian Writer link, and on the prompt 'Hospitality,' I should write about our fellowship gatherings or Bible Study Groups, but those doors closed a few years ago, and I haven't been able to find my way back just yet.

I could share how it feels to be looking inside from the outside, watching those enjoying the gatherings, but I don't need to go down that path either. 

God, along with the love of Jesus, has moved me past it and onto other things.

That's the great thing about His plan...He allows us to walk a path, even when it's not His, but what happens, as He knows it will, His pathway will cross the one we are on sooner or later, time doesn't matter to Him. He has all the time of eternity. 

So when a crossroad comes up, and one can find Him standing by, we have the choice to change direction with Him, or wave and catch up with Him later. He's already set everything in place. He knows the end of our road before we ever will!

So when I found this article about our differences, yet our similarities, we all are trying to reach the non-believers who just happen to show up along our path, and He already knows they will encounter us on it! He knows we will always be hospitable to them in His name.

He knows what we will do before we ever really do it!

He has me right where I am supposed to be...


...rather I understand or not. 

One thing I am excited about is hosting our annual Boo Bash. It has been one of my favorite things we have done for our Grand's and their small community of church and school friends for the last 10 years. 

The kids are always excited about coming and talk about it continually from the day they get their invite. 

This year it will be bittersweet though.

The older Grand's and friends that this Bash began with...

...are now teenagers!

But we are not stopping yet! 

There are still younger brothers, friends, and cousins who are still 8-10 and under, that still enjoys coming, and hopefully will for a few more years. 

We will be pulling out the many boxes and props out of storage over the next month, maybe create some new games, develope a menu plan, share cake decorating ideas, (we do a cakewalk) and begin to bring my yard to life allowing the little superheroes and princess to enjoy!


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Have a great weekend!

See ya' next week!


  1. Thanks for sharing your post at Five Minute Friday. I enjoyed what you said about showing hospitality to everyone in Jesus' name. That's so important! We need to show the acceptance and caring of Jesus, meeting their needs as He would. Have a great weekend from your "neighbor." :)

  2. Can you believe...we are already thinking about and looking forward to end of October events!! I hope you enjoy this year just as much as the previous ones! Hospitality in all forms:)

    1. When you leave in the desert, where it' been 115+ the last couple days, looking ahead to the fall distracts me.


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