Friday, June 7, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Well

Time for Kate's Five-Minute-Friday link-up, with the word "Well."

The rules remain the same, each week we write for five minutes, using a one-word prompt that Kate provides. Write with "no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write." then link up to her blog. 


Well, well, well...

I know God's timing is flawless, I understand well. I've been patiently waiting for things to fall into place so we can get some answers.

I certainly was not expecting what I heard. But God knew!

Which is why the Holy Spirit has been flying with me, reminding me not to blow my top, break down in tears, or cuss like a sailor. The journey to this point hasn't been all joyful. With our insurance carriers case managers assurance, we've had no insurance issues, but the people who are supposed to receive those authorizations to schedule say there are! The number of times we have had to tell them the hold up is with them was ridiculous. What a circus!

Yesterday's appointment was actually made for Thursday since we had plans to attend a Splash into Summer event with the grand's.

Well, let's just say it didn't go as smooth as we were told and had prayed on. I was definitely not prepared for the pain! I'm just a bit bummed that it interfered with me truly enjoying yesterday. I know the time spent was full of so much fun, but I could only take a small number of photos and float around the lazy river. Usually, I'm walking the decks and waiting at landings capturing all their fun!

When something like this comes along, that tries to meddle in my joy, I know that all is well with my soul when calm comes over me that only He can deliver.



  1. visiting from #38, yes, remembering God's got it, does make it all well when things are tough


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