Friday, April 5, 2019

Five-Minute-Friday ~ Offer

It's time for FMF!

By now, you probably know that if you have been following me. The rules remain the same each week. Write for five minutes, using the prompt  Kate provides and link up to her blog, then visit other writes to read what they wrote.

Ready, GO!

As hubby reclines next to me, recovering from what was supposed to be a routine Laminectomy, I found my comfort in the word, while he finds his in a pain pill.

After a day of significant pain in his leg, and MRI was down which revealed a little piece of bone created a cyst causing pressure on the nerves to the right leg, causing his foot to droop as he took steps. The next day he was back in surgery so the doctor could clean it up.

The nurses were great, offering us assurance that this is normal. It happens, and with therapy, it will return to normal. Having a knee that is 30 degrees out of whack, doesn't help either. (It's getting replaced in June.) As of this morning, I see a significant improvement in his walking. Him, on the other hand, says it still feels numb and cramping. Keep walking!

Now we wait and see how long it takes for it to come back to life. If it doesn't, they will know what would be next.

I've learned to trust those who have the knowledge to perform their God-given talents, offering us their expertise, to resolve something we are going through. My job is to offer hubby all the help he needs to heal, not to learn what the doctors already know. I read what they give in their instruction packet, ask the questions of what to expect, and pay attention as they explain how to do wound care, help with the exercises he will need to be doing, and offer any assistance as needed along the journey.

I must say, being on the caregiving end of this, is new to me. However, he is quite a handsome patient, and so thankful...

STOP!'s a pleasure to take care of him.

Talk about some crazy times though!!!

We knew when these surgeries were scheduled there was going to be a lot on everyone's lap. We just took what was offered and knew we had to work with it. A convention. An award. A birthday celebration on the Midway. Even more birthdays this week, add in the fair, and other commitments, it's been a lot of juggling!

I took a break from my duties, after getting hubby all set up for a few hours, and spent the morning at the fair watching the FFA & 4H judging.

What a joy!

It also included a "God" moment.

The window button on my adult car, she turns eighteen in May, decided to stop working whenever it wanted. Our mechanic has already ordered the part, so it won't be a nuisance much longer. However, after stopping at the drive-thru at Walgreens for his pain medication, it decided not to go up. Great! So, yesterday I was going to use hubby's truck to get to the fairgrounds, only he had stuff in the back that I would have to remove. Not having the time for that job, I decided to just take mine. I hoped the few things I had in it would be safe. Well, when I climbed in as I was talking to God about it, I hit the button, and the window went up!

I know He is always happy with my many praises, even when it involves the littlest of needs. His hands are all over our lives!

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy the weekend...

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