Monday, January 21, 2019

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ January

For Today:  Monday,  January 21, 2019

Outside my windowTo be honest and repetitive, it's a mess! It happens a few times a year. We get busy, or there's illness, to even injury that distracts us from getting out there. Plus we have had some storms go by leaving even more of a mess. When we lost our yard guy of 3 years, last year, finding his replacement has been slow. In the meantime, we called on a nephew to help with the holiday stuff.  

We talked the other night that it's time we call the professionals and divide up the jobs. Not a fan of doing that.  I have a fine-tuned budget that I am comfortable with. However, I will respectfully hear out his "if we," and pray on it, and see where it goes. My hubby has always been able to provide me with whatever God provides him with. We are a great team on this journey through life! Being in love with our head coach, following His lead, understanding His plan, and being patient with it, allows us to watch it unfold, which then fills our joy jar and makes our thankful list longer.

I am much I love my daughters birthday gift...

It's the perfect writing on the wall!

I am thankful...for all things that were on last years list, and so thankful I get to start a new list!

  • I'm thankful for the new year, that with it comes a new list, new plans, new places to visit, even new prayers.
  • I'm thankful that my hubby is losing his weight; unfortunately, I'm finding it.
  • I am so thankful we have been nailing our 40 adventures. It's been a juggle at times. Four more to go before March.
  • I'm thankful my hubby's scans weren't as bad as we feared.
  • I'm so, so thankful for the healing I have had. For the recovered strength I gained even if I didn't increase from what I use to have. We just moved the line up with a new goal not to go below it. 

I am beginning to read...It's Not Suppose to Be This Way by Lysa Terkeurst.

I haven't been to Bible Study since, oh my, 2016 maybe! It might have been in 2015! Something happened in the Fall of fifteen that really devasted me. There is a good chance I was attending a study and never went back. Those months are still such a fog. So I began doing bible studies online. I told myself when God gives me the sign, then it's time to go back. He might have it in His plan that I am not supposed to...but that is not how He works. It just so happens that this is just what this study is about that landed in my lap. He's up to something, and He has me curious.

The study begins today, so I am sorry I didn't give a heads up sooner. 

If you're interested in joining, click here.

I am creating...another mess!

Last year when I fell, I had been cleaning out the closets. My annual spring cleaning had started early, and that was my plan. With 40 adventures ahead of us, I needed my house in order. Falling changed so many things. It halted the purging I was doing. Drawers weren't finished, window screens still need to be cleaned, behind and under the furniture probably has dust bunnies multiplying by now. The aides that came in for six weeks only took care of the surface. Hubby took all the bags to the Good Will, and everything else went back in its place till I could get at it another time.


I am nightshirt with my sweatpants and slippers. Who dresses up to clean?

I am hoping...that I can get the flowers planted I bought last week before they die! I decided to do the replanting in stages, that way I reduce the chance of them dying.

I am learning...more about the new iwatch I got for Christmas. Plus I had to upgrade my iphone last year, so now I can add apps to help fine-tune our journey. I learned how to navigate the CA Parks system. They don't make it easy, and it's a crap shoot to get the dates you want. I also learned last week that I was going to be a great-aunt to twins. Yes, I am so excited for the couples whose wedding we enjoyed the previous Fall. I always get a little flustered these young moms today get to know way in advance. We were surprised by our identicals 38 years ago come June, and she learned at 10 weeks there were two fraternal babies on board! So HAPPY for them. 

In my garden...we have gotten the old gazebo cover off that tore up during the great winds we've been having. The nephew got the lights restrung as well. Next, the new cover goes up, new planter boxes placed and a garden should be growing by next month. Amazing! Usually, I am behind. Hopefully, this momentum will continue with no distractions.

In the Kitchen...things have changed a lot! Our shopping List as well. Healthier item took the place of all those foods that are not so good for us. We've needed to do this for a long. You know the cookies, candy, cakes, and chips. Honestly, we miss them more than we thought we would. What a habit we've had! My approach to it was the same as when I quit smoking: "Don't but them, I won't eat them!" We both have our achilles heel, he has the sweet tooth, and I'm all about the salty. Only thing is, I'm having a harder time with it than he is. I am getting better. It's a new year, right!  

One of my favorite things...continues to be spending time with the "Grand's." 

A favorite quote...see above gift from my daughter!

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Thank you to Peggy for hostessing The Simple Woman's Daybook.

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