Monday, December 31, 2018

Something Interesting I Found...

During our travels north, not just during this year's adventures, but over the last few years, I had noticed on barns and businesses these squares, resembling a quilt square. So I asked our friends and learned that a local quilter began this a few years ago. They didn't know a whole lot about it, and I just figured during future trips or when, or if we decide, to purchase some land we have been looking at, I would look into it further.

Then I get this message about Barn Quilts.

Facebook is really good about putting things on your newsfeed that correlates with your interest.
So I clicked on it.

It didn't provide me with what I wanted to know, it was a link to buy a subscription to a quilters magazine. It wouldn't let me click on any article without a subscription, so I closed that window, and opened a door, GOOGLE!

Beautiful hand painted barn quilts for sale. Bring a part of our history home with you to enjoy for many years. Customized barn quilts for sale.

So I clicked on it.

All I needed to know was on the first page. It's been a tradition since the mid-1800. Reading this...

...she suggested that a "sampler" of twenty quilt squares could be created along a driving trail that would invite visitors to travel through the countryside."

It was similar to what our friends had said, only it was about a different lady, the one who began the Quilt Trail. It also included doing something me and hubby have done for 43 years, a drive through the countryside!

I then GOOGLED Barn Quilt Trail and found a map.

There are two county's in Arizona with them. There are some in Maricopa County but no trail map has been formed. Since we travel through this area often, I will keep my eyes out for them. However, Apache County, there are almost 2 dozen with location information. Perfect since this is an area we are visiting this next year. Now we have something else to look out for as well.

In California, six counties have a quilt trail. All of them are in the area we love visiting. After all, that is where we began this journey 43 years ago.
I'm going to have to create a folder for all the ones we could possibly find along our journey. There are maps for most, and anywhere from a dozen or two in places like Loomis, Sierra Valley, Quincy, Placerville, Camino, Pollock Pines, to name a few. 

There are over 100 in Lake County alone!

Here are a few of the ones I captured during our last trip to Lake County...
I was actually taking a picture of my favorite word.
It just so happened a square was on the building behind it 

We are looking forward to finding many more on our annual visit up.

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