Friday, May 12, 2017

Third Time's The Charm!

So they say, but, who are 'they' anyhow?

Of course I have to search it and find that Elizabeth Barrett Browning did in "Letters addressed to R. H. Horne," back in 1839.

So what "Third time's a charm" am I talking about now?

The water system in Ajo needed attention again. Though each time he has gone before it had been for a different problem to repair. Not uncommon when the system has been functioning great for over 15+ years. Things just wear out!

I must say I was more then willing to tag along as hubby headed there again. There was still stuff I hadn't seen and it's really the only way I am going to get there.

Only this time it was a bit warmer, like 95 degrees warm. I surely wasn't going off on any walking adventures this trip like before. The system is right outside Olsen's Market if I hadn't mentioned that before. Such a friendly store and a great place to sit, read, and watch a variety of people who come and go. Conversations start up with a simple question and history is shared within some of the answers.

Once the new problem was fixed, hubby asked if there was anything I had wanted to do before we headed back. Of course I said there was and pulled out my phone. He giggled as I loaded the map and directions. Told him I had it saved for 'if' ever we got back here, be it to repair something else or actually camp for a weekend or a week. I had "hope" is all.

"Third times the charm!"

 The Ajo Scenic Loop will be our adventure for the afternoon.
The directions said to start at the plaza. We didn't need to go there this time and simply took a right off the highway instead as we headed in that direction.
The first mile takes you past some homes that are so simple and yet very artistic. Like the one above. I loved the post for the porch. Anything resembling a 'Y' tickles my heart. And then the gecko or gila monster was pretty awesome too!

As the brochure said, the pavement soon ends and you continue on a very bumpy dirt road.
At MILE 1.5 you will see a large cross a top the mountain on your left. It was erected by the towns people back in 1926 in honor of John Campbell Greenway. He was the first mine superintendent and founder of Ajo. I 'd missed seeing it the last two times we were here.

"Third times the charm!"
Around MILE 3.0 you will start to see some pretty expansive views and oh so many unusual volcanic rock formations. I'm in rock heaven! As we approached this formation our first thought was of a cow pie. When we got home and I started writing this post I googled the loop for information so I could attach links to the things. Again we laughed when at MaxxTrails we learned the real name for this formation was Wind Swept Rock and it had also been given the alternative name, Cow Pie.
When you approach MILE 4.6 the back side of the old mine (New Cornelia Mine) will be on your left. It gleamed in the afternoon sun showing off the many colors amidst tailing's, creating an awesome background to the lavishly green desert floor.
At MILE 6.1 is the intersection of Darby Well Road that goes off to the right. The brochure states that 100 years ago this road was part of an extensive transportation network that ended at the international border. Today there is a sign warning you of what could be ahead.  
When we reach MILE 7.9 at the AZ State Hwy 85 we turned left to return toward town. We wanted to check out the Pit Lookout so we turned left on Estrella Dr and followed the GPS toward the Ajo Historical Society Museum on Indian Village Rd. Before you arrive at the museum, on the left will be the lookout. There is a fenced area where there was an visitor center but it was closed.
Across the street is the Greenway Mansion.
The museum was very interesting. Lots of history and exhibits of how Ajo grew into what it is today. As we were signing the guest book, my hubby was reading something that got the curator to explain just what it was for. From the glimpse I had of what he was looking at and the curator calling it a chicken ladder, my first thought was the pole was for the chickens to get out of the pit. Hahaha, it was actually used by the miners to climb out of the pit!

By the way, chickens do use ladders too!
When we left the museum we headed back to hwy 85 and turned laft toward town. As we approached the plaza I asked hubby to turn left onto Lomita Ave so I could see and get a picture of the Curry School.

"Third time's the charm!"

When I did the walking tour I had to pick and choose which path I took to see what I could. This was one of the ways I choose not to go then.
Heading back toward the highway we saw more of those statues. I wonder if I will ever own any. My yard would just love them as would I love to gaze on them in it.
I believe there are still more sites to see and dirt roads to travel. Ajo will remain on our bucket list for things to do. 

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