Sunday, May 7, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Should

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Timer set...

Here I go...

I should have doubled checked I had grabbed everything.

The moment I clicked the button to take a picture of the sunrise, I'm reminded with a warning I had forgotten something!

Yep, NO SD card!

Guess the iPhone camera will have to do for this trip.

Thankful it wasn't going to be a scenic drive, just some business in Phoenix for a couple days. Not to much should be happening.

Did some shopping.
I love strolling through IKEA, so many ideas to build off of. Just follow the arrow's.
Ate at Jimmy John's for the first time.


Even had Culver's for the first time on the way home.
Another yum, yum!

Have you ever ate at either. If not, I recommend you should give it a try.
What about IKEA? Is there one in your area?

However, on the way home, the saguaro's cactus in the Sonoran Desert National Monument were in full bloom, and in groves!

Figures! I tried to take some with the iPhone, but going 55, towing a trailer with equipment, and no where to pull over, all I got were blurs of green stuff.

Then hubby remembered about the old Kodak digital camera in the dash cubby. He uses it for installation purposes so it works for his needs. Mine, not so much.
It really should be in a museum!
On top of it being ancient, it only had a small 64MB card in it.

"Well I won't be getting many with this", I said as I inserted the card into my Canon, "but I should at least get a couple descent ones." So he found a place where he could pull over, which just so happened to be at a grove, so I should be able to snap as many as the card could hold. I guess I could have kept it in the Kodak and gotten more. Maybe I should have? Nay. My Canon has a better zoom!

I'm tickled that of the 18 photos the card could hold, these and a few others turned out rather great.

I should have double checked my camera before we left!

I should have used my iPhone for some too while pulled over!

What ever was I thinking!

Beep, beep. Beep, beep, times up!


  1. We have similar tastes in food! I travel for work and whenever I am somewhere with a Culver's it definitely gets a visit! And although we have Jimmy John's in our area (not my town, but area), I do like eating at those as well! The pictures turned out great on that old digital! :) Thanks for sharing. Visiting from FMF, where I am your neighbor this week!

    1. Hey neighbor! Thanks for visiting. Both will get another visit as well.

  2. I live up north so seeing cactus...(cactuses? cacti?)would definitely be a good reason to pull over and use any camera available! Glad you stopped and thanks for sharing your sights with us.

    1. If up north, he would and has pulled over for snow and icicle shots too! Thanks for stopping by.


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