Friday, March 24, 2017


It couldn't get here faster

I'm still catching up from our Vegas adventure. Finally got the trailer tucked back in her place last weekend. That always a sign that we have made progress. It's always the last thing that gets done, which means that trip is in the book.

The day we got home we celebrated the son-in-laws birthday. He is such a good man, and father, and son. He's the love of my daughters life. As much as we enjoyed spending his evening together, we were also ready to call it day.

I was so wiped out I completely forgot about my PT appointment. Which worked out great so I had the ability to have our regular Grandma Wednesday, which just so happened to included cake pops from Starbucks. Since we missed the week before, it was nice to spend some time with them.

The next day we had to go to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge for their monthly service. I was really looking forward to another trip through the blooming desert. I was not disappointed.

Besides getting the trailer put away over the weekend, I also worked on what photos I wanted to enter in the fair. Yep, I've been saying I wanted to do this every year when we are looking at all the entries. This is the year! It's such a BIG step for me. I'm really am excited to see how they do.

It took me a few trips to Walgreen's to pick up the photos. I had a few redo's to deal with which prompted hubby to suggest I have the Geek Squad out to see about getting the laser printer up and working. Great idea! Unfortunately there was nothing available before tomorrows turn in date. This will have to work this year.

I also made a trip to Michael's to see about matting them. What I was quoted for the 10 photos was more then I had figured. Especially since I had checked Amazon's prices before going. Needless to say with Amazon Prime I had them by yesterday and was able to get them all mounted myself. Saved myself $100 at the same time.

I know there are only 8 on the entry form and 7 in the photos above. Since I took those photos, I have finished 3 more and filled out a new entry form. I'm ready to deliver them tomorrow morning.

We'll have the 5 year old grandson with us tomorrow morning as well. After we are going out to the flea market to pick up some shade cloth to fix my RV carport. The wonderful winds we have had lately has wiped it off its mounts. Time to replace and add a section.

As if this wasn't enough to fill my week we  have yet another granddaughter who is celebrating her 13th Birthday today. However, it was her dad time this weekend, so my daughter planned a surprise party for her last night. It turned out great!

I picked up a "1" and a "3" last month to do a decoupage collage and then procrastinated the project till this week. I do that sometimes. Little did I know then that this week was going to fill up like it did. Anyhow, I think they turned out great. Another reason why I need my laser printer working. My daughter had to send what photos we wanted to use to Staples to be printed on a laser printer.

I was determined to get this post finished tonight and posted, and I think I have succeeded! It's all about goals, right!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be a stopping by your place too. Have a great weekend!

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