Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How Did You Spend Your Valentines Day?

With 40 Valentines Day under our belt, the 41st was spent at Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. I can honestly say no two Valentines have been the same. I love that about our journey. Some years there are flowers, a card, candy, jewelry, dinner out, the works. Then other years it might be just a card and candy. Days before or after can bring added expressions of love as well. When we've had as many as we have, we are just thankful we have them and each other.
I love going to the refuge.

The river was back up to normal. I love the reflection it gave today.

I never know what we'll get to see.

Today was a couple Hawks.

The guys got a new toy to play with.

There was the first signs of spring color beginning to show up. I know it's not spring yet but everything is so green with so many little buds getting ready to bloom.

After hubby completed his service we headed into Blythe for some lunch.

Last time we were there it was packed. We were kind of surprised it wasn't today being Valentines and all.

Seem Sizzler agrees, "Life's A Journey Enjoy The Meals."

...And the miles!

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!

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