Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Grandma Wednesday!


They still exist!

Wednesday are short days at their schools which has allowed
me to have had "Grandma Wednesday's" for 10 years now.
2007 started the "Grandma Wednesday's with this Kindergartner.
Then in 2009 this Kindergartner joined the fun. 

Actually, she had already been having "Grandma Days" 
of her own, they were her "Dance Days". 
Brother would hang out with us on these days too.
It always included them doing their homework and then a lot of swimming.

 So many wonderful days happened during these years.

In September of 2015, our "Grandma Wednesday's" took a BIG change.
The oldest wanted to go live with his dad who, lives 4 hours away. 
It changed more then just "Grandma Wednesday's". 
Coming at the end of a year that had already had so much sorrow, 
it really devastated all of us. Praying just wasn't enough.
It got to a point that I didn't want to hear that saying ever again. 

                     Cancer - "This too shall pass!"
                     Sorrow - "This too shall pass!"
               Challenges - "This too shall pass!"
It got to feeling like...

JOY - "This too shall pass!" JOY was beginning to fall through the crack that had developed in my heart.

I had already decided back in 2012 to "Finding My JOY
I was not going to let this PASS too! 
Something had to change!

Yes, all those other things shall pass! And they did. Slowly we all began to accept the new norm. It wasn't the first time we have had to overcome some type of hurdle and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. 

We stood up and did what we do best, journeyed on!

Bridging that gap to keep the Joy in the journey was necessary.
What time we lost grew into something more. 
It didn't happen over night, but over the year a new norm was developing.

Last August was finally the time for this Kindergartner to have his "Grandma Wednesday's"
 New times called for new traditions.
Each week we would go out to lunch.
 Sometimes we would have a picnic at Castle Park.

And sometimes the older "Grand" was here to join us as well.

Sometimes we just hang out and do homework.
Sometimes we go shopping.
Sometimes we play UPS.
Sometimes we feed the horses.
Sometimes we just let the day be what the day is suppose to be.
 Everything does happen for a reason.
It just takes time to see exactly why it happened.

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