Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hello September!

Hello September, I am so happy you are here!

It means the weather will be and has been cooling down. The days are still a bit hot but it's cooling down more at night, making the mornings absolutely beautiful. Being able to have the doors open, and the sounds of the birds outside can now be heard where ever I am. 

It means dove season started, so from dawn till a few hours after, the repeated sounds of gun shots can be heard. Then, remember those doves that had been hanging around, well they seem to  have thinned out too. I don't understand why they hunt them, but I am thankful they do. Down here, it is a competition.

September also brings just a few birthdays this month! So Happy Birthday to Joel, Dianna, Ken, Serena, Paula, Charlie, Tina, Titou, Dave, Azalia, and our beloved Uncle Joe. If I missed anyone, Happy Birthday to you too!

It also means Labor Day. Which usually includes some type of a stay-cation. Some years we even made a vacation of it. Then this year, that "CRAZY" arrived and we had to cancel some plans, then re-arrange others. I just accepted the fact the things were out of my control. Trying to navigate through the doctors appointments, the re-construction, and the work days of hubby's that just kept filling up was interesting. I accepted the fact that the season had started early and the next time would be November.

When it looked like an opening was appearing that just maybe, we could possibly get away, I found NO VACANCY was my next road block.

So what's a girl to do!

I GAVE it up!

Yep, I had that one on one with the One above! Each morning during my time with Him, we talked about all that was going on. How much I needed this and that. I, I, I, and then it hit me! It wasn't just about me. It also included the workers who have been challenged. The employee who needed healing. My daughter who was juggling more then possible at times. The hubby who had been working hard on those bids. Yes, I had been including them each morning, but more like a side note, ya know, "Oh, by the way God, ..." The blank would be filled with what ever needs he or others might need.

Then it dawned on me. In order for my prayers to be answered I needed to change it around. I needed to pray that their prayers were to be answered first.

My daughters prayers always seem to be answered one way or another by the incredible prayer chain she has surrounding her. I can not take full credit for His presence in her life. I am blessed to be a part of it. She is an example of the "Village" theory. She has become who she is not just by what I could do for her, but by what other also have and had done as well. Her Christian life is an example of how faith CAN raise a child. How faith can heal a heart. How faith can build a foundation.

The prayers for the employee to heal, well he is healing great and he's ready for the season. He has a new spring in his step these days. Could it be!

Oh and how can I forget about the workers challenging this re-construction! Oh my goodness. Without prayers I might have fired the lot of them. All because of one! One that was suppose to lead, led by a bad example. It wasn't their fault. They need the job. So I prayed for them. All of them. What their supervisors said couldn't happen, did! Once again I stood firm on the faith that a way would be found. I understood it would take time. God has time! So guess what is being installed today while I am typing away. Yep! By 1 o'clock PM I will have a kitchen floor!

Then there are those prayers for hubby! When the last of all those bids had gone out, his comment to me was, "With luck..." I immediately cut off his sentence, which is something he absolutely hates me doing, "NO, with prayers!" Instead of getting on me about cutting him off, I get a, "Yay, that too!"

That did it!

Bids that had been out, some for almost 6 months, started coming in, while new ones came in to bid on. Sale leads and service calls are picking up so much that there is talk of having to hire another guy.

Oh, last but surely not least, my pray to get away, ANSWERED!

Yep, my hubby, with the help of my daughter made all the arrangements.

It's not Sedona, but San Diego here we come! Best part is, we arrive Tuesday after Labor Day. Yep, everyone else will have checked out while we check in. Should make for a very relaxing week.

I Pray!

For him, and for others.

There was a time I couldn't quote the bible either. In fact I still can't. I know I'll keep trying. I'll keep studying. And I'll keep praying!

God knows all about "Our Journey Through LIFE!" and it wouldn't be what it is without Him!


  1. And as we pray, we give God the glory for his love and mercy and thankfulness for all He's done. Good prayers and answers, Elizabeth. Hope the house remodel goes well and finishes soon. I had to do some figuring out how our anniversary getaway was going to work. Found a hotel for 2 nights over a weekend. Don't think we'll do that schedule again. Have a great getaway and be blessed!

    1. Thank you, we had a wonderful time. The company called wanting to come last Friday but we told them for the umpteenth time we were gone. Come tomorrow, they will come for their last material list and I should have a fully functioning kitchen, complete with dishwasher, baseboards and transition pieces for the flooring by the weeks end. My prayers are for their work to be done.



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