Friday, July 15, 2016

Week #2 With #ClickinMomsHunt16

My husband finally figured out why I take odd photo's during our travels and events. Not only because I like taking the unusual pictures, but one never knows what she will have on her list. In years past, we had to have a special little tag card in the photo. The only way to do that is with photos taken during the challenge. For the last couple years she has done away with the tag card opening up the option to use photos you have already taken. I read the rules, over and over, and no where does it say they had to be taken in July of 2016. Not that I am looking to beat anyone or break any rules, but since of them are of places or things I wouldn't find around home or even in town, I decided to use some from our travels from last year. I hope that is okay. 

With that said, here are the photos I tagged this week. 

Homemade #Applepiealamode, and some #Candyapple my grand-daughter and I made for our Boo Bash. 

The #Foodtruck we saw while on our way up to Napa and I just loved how it said "Smile and Say Cheeze!"

 I loved the #Cloudwatching in Idaho, 
and the #Daisy is from my backyard.

We had so much fun #Kiteflying during our 
"Life's A Beach" vacation in 2013

Little man got to play on the BIG #Baseballfield. 

I couldn't resist taking another #Buddies photos of two brothers practicing batting. 

After a GRAND slam, he gave his coach a #Highfive at home plate!

Since we haven't been out in the trailer yet this year,
I shared our trip to Napa last year. 

I was a HAPPY #Camper hubby not only drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, but also through the streets of S.F..

I was a very HAPPY #Camper he slowed down so I could capture our arrival in the Napa Valley.

Even Bella was a Happy #Camper 
too to finally be staying put for a week!

I always take pictures of #Firetrucks where ever we are. 
I have a plan for them someday!
This one was from the town of Bodega 
where The Birds was filmed.

The #Horse was from our trip to the Metal Sculptures in Borrego Springs. And the #Hikingtrail off Bryce Point.

The #Rollercoaster and the #Tractor was from our trip to Schnepfs Farm in 2012.

What a fun day that was!

Hoping to head to San Diego this weekend in search of a lighthouse. Ya never know if you will see a flamingo or even a giraffe might get captured. Surely I will see some sandals and toes on the beach. Maybe even a straw hat, or a sailboat in a summer breeze. My options should be plenty. 

The red x on the list below shows the new photos.
[x] apple pie a la mode
[x] backyard
[x] balloons
[x] baseball field
[x] beach ball
[x] berries
[ ] binoculars
[ ] bubblegum bubble
[x] buddies
[x] camper
[ ] campfire
[x] candy apple
[ ] canoe
[ ] cartwheel
[ ] circus tent
[ ] clothespins
[x] cloud watching
[ ] coconut
[ ] craft fair
[ ] croquet
[x] daisy
[ ] diving board
[ ] earthworm
[ ] face paint
[x] firetruck
[x] fireworks
[ ] fishing pole
[ ] flamingo
[ ] flippers 
[ ] flower chain
[x] food truck
[ ] fresh herbs
[ ] frisbee
[ ] gardener
[ ] giraffe
[ ] globe lights
[x] golden hour
[ ] grilled
[x] headband
[x] high five
[x] hiking trail
[x] home grown
[x] horse
[ ] hotdog vendor
[ ] ice cream shop
[x] inner tube
[ ] kettle corn
[x] kite flying
[ ] ladybug
[ ] lakeside
[x] lawnchair
[ ] lemonade stand
[ ] lighthouse
[ ] log cabin
[ ] margarita
[x] marshmallow
[x] melon
[ ] melt
[ ] merry-go-round
[ ] mini-golf
[ ] monkey bars
[x] national flag
[x] outdoor dining
[ ] palm tree
[x] party
[ ] peaches

[x] petal
[ ] picnic basket
[ ] pier
[ ] pineapple
[x] pinwheel
[ ] raindrop
[ ] red rover
[ ] roasted
[x] rollercoaster
[ ] sailboat
[ ] sandals
[ ] skateboard
[ ] slip-n-slide
[ ] soaked
[x] splash
[x] stars
[ ] straw hat
[ ] summer breeze
[ ] sundae
[x] sunflare
[x] swim 
[ ] swing
[ ] tank top 
[ ] teal
[ ] toes
[ ] tractor
[ ] trampoline
[ ] tropical print
[x] underwater
[ ] waffle cone
[ ] waterfall
[x] water balloon
[x] wheelbarrow

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