Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaps and Bounds!

The extra day this year is so welcomed.

Since I last posted I had my surgery. At the doctor's one day, in the hospital the next. I am now a week post op, and am now on the mend. Well a week and 3 days that is, but actually two weeks from when it all came to a head. I am so happy that is over with, and I really could use this extra day to catch up on so much. 

Over the weekend we had some so missed "Grand" time with this young man. He's getting brave by doing tricks on his power quad. He wanted to play blocks with me so he moved his table closer. He plays with these for quite a while. He has a great imagination. He really likes his ice cream cones too. 

Last I wrote, it was all about LOVE and spending time with the youngest "Grand", and visiting the Camel Farm and their new babies. 

What a wonderful day it was. We visited all the other animals in the petty zoo first before we found the mamma's and the babies. He really enjoyed all the animals. A lot of the many breeds of goats also had babies. But the baby camels captivated us. They were so cute!

Before the hospital, I was able to try on my dress and shoes for our sons upcoming wedding. LOVE my shoes, but the dress, which I also LOVE very much was a bit tight around the midriff. When I got home I tried it on again and it fit a bit better. I hope, pray and believe I can loose the last inch of swelling before the wedding on March 18th. 

If not we have a plan! 

I fell in LOVE with this shawl, so I ordered it.

It matches her wedding theme perfectly!

The girls can pin and tuck the back so the shawl cover's it up. With my faith, I believe everything is going to work out just fine. Even if it fits right, the shawl is a perfect addition to help keep the chill away.

For the next 2 weeks I will be walking as often and as much as I can to assure that the dress fits the way it is suppose to. Since my son left his elliptical machine behind, I'm dusting it off and hopping on it as well. After all, if I can work my butt off to climb 99 stairs to go to the top of Denver's capital, I can surely do this.

March may be coming in like a lion on "Our Journey Through LIFE!", but I will tame it and in the end, it will be going out as a lamb!


  1. It's good to see your blog again, Elizabeth. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've missed you! Hope your recovery goes well and you'll fit perfectly into the nice dress for your son's wedding!

    1. Thank you Becky. I am enjoying being back.



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