Saturday, December 27, 2014

Really, It’s Already Over! (Part 2)

When it rains, it really poured!
IMG_5831     IMG_5838
Thankful that the storms around here always move by quickly. A sign that even hard times will again be a thing of the past. Sometimes the path has bad weather, but it too shall pass!
I LOVE the fall!
The weather is changing.
Crops are being harvested.
Leaves are beginning to fall.
Plus there are “Grand” baseball games to attend!
IMG_6650   IMG_6654
Sometimes it’s even a family thing…
This year, his team won their way into the playoffs as the wild card. And just like the Giants, they brought home the trophy! Our grandson’s first trophy and boy was he excited!
As always October brings our Annual Boo Bash…our 6th Annual be exact. It’s always a lot of fun and the work of putting it together seems trivial when during the festivities the giggles and gratitude make it all worth it! The older “Grand’s” even enjoy helping to set up and create. The girls had fun smashing Oreo's to use as dirt for our pudding cups.  The boy’s seemed to enjoy the building of things. We didn’t have as big a turn out as other years, but it was still a blast.

Immediately after the Boo Bash, and I mean like 2 days later, we were packed up and heading to NASCAR with the new trailer.
Old Trailer
For almost 10 years, the old lady served us well! 

Our New Journey will make the next 10 just as memorable.
It was so nice to be there early. No stress in trying to park with other’s already in place. It was tight with the old trailer when we arrived later. Not that the hubby couldn’t park it right on the line, it was me. I am so thankful he knows just how to do it! It also gave us time to goof off some before the “Grand’s” arrived.
Of course we need our annual pre-race picture!
Being down on the start-finish line was awesome and the kids had a really good time.
All packed up, ready to head home!
We barely got her unpacked before our world was rocked again with some tragic news.

Yes, last year we had a similar thing happen. This one was even worse. For the next few weeks, who am I kidding, I still grieve and like now, it was and still is minute by minute. One little thought can set off a memory and the tears just flow. It is times like this I miss my mom’s, even after 13 years, it isn’t any easier.

A loss is a loss and to know what the road ahead will be like, for those closest, I can only imagine. However, I am not superwomen and I have my days. If you have been reading me since the beginning, you’ll understand how hard this stuff can be.

With that, I need to do this in 3 parts. I really thought when I began updating I would be able to get past this part. Maybe even leave it out. But then that would be leaving her out, and she is someone who shined bright and had great love to share.

Please, just pray for my family. For their loss of someone so young and that God continues to heal her 3-year-old son. No words will ever fully explain the pain so many are going through. When her celebration of life has been planned, maybe I will share more. Till then, your prayers mean the world to so many!
Tomorrow I will conclude the Holidays on Our Journey Through LIFE!

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