Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In The Good Ole Summer Time!

Living in the desert, that means some HOT times actually.

Call me crazy, and I know some of you do, but I LOVE it hot, but not HOT, if you know what I mean. And don’t say…”but it’s a dry heat!” It’s still hot! But it could be hotter?

When you live in the desert, water is very important. Not just for hydration either…


Any water that has these 4 “Grand's” playing in it means FUN!.

Summer has begun! Which means our new water park is open and just 15 minutes from our home. How awesome is that! So grandpa took the afternoon off and we took the 2 oldest for the afternoon. Mom and Bud joined us after work. What a wonderful day.


IMG_8800     IMG_8825

  IMG_8821      IMG_8836

Recently we also celebrated the little guys 2nd Birthday and where else but at the Yuma Aquatic Center.


Here in Arizona some of the city pools are like little water parks. The downside is they can be crowded on certain days and or times. Booking a party at one that has an AC room is a bonus and easy on the budget as well. Planning an evening event worked perfect as the crowds would beginning to thin down. A location and time we will utilize again no doubt. My daughter did an excellent job. Lately she has been putting together some awesome events. I wish I felt better to help her but she understands. On the upside, I get to enjoy being the grandma and helping as needed. Blessings, pure blessings!

          IMG_8923       IMG_8925


      IMG_8859        IMG_8930

The Banana Split Bar was a hit and so thankful the facility had a freezer. In fact the whole event went off like a breeze. Other then a missing suit that is, but since the house was just around the corner that wasn’t a problem either. All the guest had a really good time.

Around the house things are moving along. Work began on a stone wall for the garden.

It’s also becoming a habit that a certain lab keeps photo bombing pictures. But then again, if the kids are around, or if they are in the pool, she is there.




There’s nothing like a lab enjoying some good ole summer time with us on Our Journey Through LIFE!

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