Monday, April 29, 2013

A BIG Oops!

The summer of 2011my old computer crashed. We tried to revive it but it was old and had lived a well life. Since I was happy with my first Dell, I got another but this time from Staples. Great price, earned awesome points, and again I was happy.

With a new device came a learning curve and it wasn't long before I was settled into navigating it. That computer was with me for almost two years, until...

Last Thursday when our "Grand" from Colorado arrived, and in all the excitement her spaghetti legs swung about which kicked a soda can off the side table and landed on my laptop. After drying it off, kept it turned off for a number of hours, it still wouldn't turn on. After a day, nothing. After 3 days, still nothing. From the get go we called Staples for the damage claim. to our surprise, seems the accidental damages part doesn't include liquid. Dropping, smashing, getting run ver by a car might qualify, but not a soda. So now I have a fried mother board or something. With the cost of laptops today, to fix this would not be cost effective. My daughter is checking into the extended warranty again, trying to get to someone who can help or not. But of course the not won!

So a new laptop has been ordered and will be here Wednesday. Until then I get to use this iPad thingy. It has never been set up for my needs since it is hubby's, but he is being nice and sharing. I have no pictures on here and the ones that are I can't figure out how to get them on this post. Live Writer has spoiled me. I am not enjoying being a guest on a device not of mine own. I miss the drafts I had been working on. I miss the familiar key board and bookmarks.

We recently had a "Grand" Campout in our yard since I am unable to do the real thing right now. I was just starting to draft it I can't wait for you all to see the 'Joy' we shared together.

I will enjoy reorganizing and setting up the new device. Getting all that is familiar back in its place so I can continue sharing Our Journey Through  LIFE!

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