Thursday, November 3, 2011

One More Leg

Once back on the road, after those awesome balloons, our sights were set for Flagstaff or beyond.

If you have ever been on the 40 across New Mexico and Arizona, there really isn’t a lot out there but some beautiful, wide open landscape.








We did stop for some New Year sparklers, he, he, he!









We detoured through Gallup, food, gas, but not much more. We were making great time,so much so we thought maybe we could make it all the way to Phoenix .





I missed the Arizona sign. Shoot, I can get it any time…I live by the border,only south.

As we were approaching Flagstaff, we also were driving into a storm. Finally something to snap 100 pictures of (only they were blurry with window glare) and settle my boredom. Mainly I was trying to catch lightening. I love a challenge!


Quick stop in Flagstaff and back on the road. Our sights are set for the KOA  in Black Canyon, deciding it was best so to have showers. Our final destination is Phoenix International Raceway to watch testing on the newly paved track. If we went all the way in, we would have power since we have a generator, and I could have managed a shower in our tiny bathroom. We have had great luck with KOA’s, well except 1. As always it was very clean, easy off and on the highway, and Bella thought the bunnies and quails we fun to chase.


Our last stop, our last night, and as we enjoy being at the track,we both agreed, it was the best way to end this fabulous vacation.


Even during testing fan have enthusiasm for their drivers.

We didn’t stay for the whole session but did enjoy the time we did. Back on the road to HOME! Only 2 hours away!


Until we hit more storms.

Twice we had to stop because it was raining so hard we couldn’t see out. I now understand why there are pile ups during these. Some drivers don’t slow down or even pull over. A third time, was pure luck. Hubby had to go potty, deciding to pull off and use the trailer, we got hit by that wall of sand had that been south of us. Stopping allowed it to catch us. Praise God we were not on the highway. This stormed caused a number of pile ups. God’s direction has been awesome during this trip. He always had us in the right place at the right time and this was no exception.


Needless to say, because the trailer door was open when it hit, there was a nice layer of sand everywhere. No problem, we’re almost home!

I hope you all enjoyed our vacation as much as we did. Now to upload it to Shutterfly.

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