Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God’s Plan All Along!

As we traveled along…the skies ahead began to change…resembled what looked like lots of birds.

It’s not birds, nor planes, and surely wasn’t Superman….WE HAVE BALLOONS!


The closer we got, the more there were, and more were launching. Hubby was needing gas but didn’t want me missing it. Just as God had planned, an exit with gas, though blocked off so others couldn’t park and watch, we were allowed through since we were getting gas. It happened to be right above the launching area. No wonder signage was what it was. Once again, God has put us in the right place at the right time.


Hubby was awesome. With a trailer in tow he drove down to the festival.


We checked out the RV area. Actually we felt it was the best way to turn, knowing there would be room to turn around. The people who run it, or work there, were awesome. We got information on reservations, and were given  direction to the museum, where there would be lots of available parking for us. Wondering why there would be with all this going on, well the launch was actually over. Most  people leave right after which worked great for us.


I will never forget this! I will always be thankful for my hubby stopping. Mostly, we praise God for preparing our path, and putting such an awesome experience along its way.

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