Friday, July 8, 2011

How We Spent Our 4th of July!

I had not prepared or planned any type of celebration until the 30th when our son and "K" texted that they were coming for the weekend.

REALLY! I mean, of course, we'd love to have you!

This would be his first trip from home that didn't include going to doctor's. We were honored for his first outing to be to here. After all, for the last 3 months we have been traveling over to him every weekend, sometimes longer depending on his needs, and this was going to be our first weekend home in a while. What we had planned on was catching up on housework and yard work. So with the news of house guest, we quickly got our butt's in gear.

The guest house hadn't seen guest in months except for a few spiders that thought they had found a nice new home. Armed with all the supplies I decided to tackle it first. All went well until time to clean the bath and no light. Went up to the main house, grabbed a new bulb (light requires 3 of those round type bulbs but I only had one), folded the laundry, put everything in the basket and headed back out. Put the bulb in...and nothing. That little thingy dingy that is suppose to connect between the other thingies was just dangling there. GREAT! Another trip to the store!

In the meantime I went about pulling out some of my 4th decorations. I had to at least make it feel like the 4th. Since working outside was going to be difficult because of the HIGH temperatures, I cleaned the patio and furniture well into the night.

Up early Friday morning to first check on this little one who was having surgery at 8 AM.

Nothing serious, Praise God! At first our fears were there until the doctors at Children's Hospital in Denver assured our son it wasn't a hemangioma but an inflamed gland. She snagged all the nurses heart with her precious little face. I mean how can you not just love that face!

With nothing but good news, I got back to the work at hand.

The wind during the night didn't think my plates looked good, so I agreed with it and removed them...

I also changed out the chairs. Simple, dimple! I have to add that the table cloth here is actually 2 - 60 x 102 Walmart $3 vinyl cloths I cut to make a round. I love this 72 inch table but linens can get expensive for it. I have learned a trick on how to reduce cost, to reduce adding more linen to my already over stuffed linen cabinet, and I get the look I want. I bought a few basic main clothes that go to the floor and in a few neutral colors. Then I add table toppers using this same technique. Since these are used for a number of occasion's  they fold up great and are stored in their respective containers, thus eliminating any more over crowding in the linen cabinet.

Back to our 4th of July...

With the HEAT I decided to set the inside table as well.  Not that we were having a lot of guest this year, but I just had to add some cheer!

 The kids arrived on Saturday and we were ready...well as ready as can be that is.

They swam...

More like he sat in the pool while we all floated around. That little guy is "D", and is "K's" son. In case I haven't introduced him before. He has made his way into all our hearts. With him and his mom, these last 3 months would have been so different. Someday I might share their extraordinary story. God sent her into our sons life at the right moment. Another, PRAISE GOD moment!

My daughter baked...

We experienced many moments with these guys...

Sunday night we went up to town for the Indian casino's fireworks. We were surprised by a brief down pour shortly after taking this picture...

It only lasted a few minutes and stopped in time for the show. We turned up the radio, opened the windows, and made our way back out to watch the firework extravaganza! We are so lucky that our local radio station plays some real cool music set with the fireworks.


Come Monday our son was tired and basically relaxed all day. We went out shopping for some fireworks...

Our son and "K" finally got to out on a date while we watched "D". We were honored to make it happen for them. When they got home we all went out in the yard to set off the fireworks we bought earlier.

It might not have been a planned 4th of July or even like any we have had in past years, but it was a very special Independence Day...we saw our son gain more of his Independence this weekend. PRAISE God for all he has done and continues to do.


  1. How wonderful! I am so glad to not only hear he is on the mend but that he also has a special "someone" in his life! :)

    As always, I love seeing how you decorate for parties, its always so festive and pretty.

  2. What a nice 4th of July for you, even with all the cleaning. Hubby and I went to the rodeo and enjoyed it. Watched fireworks on TV, the Capitol 4th from Washington, DC. Next time, hopefully do something with family. We'll see.



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