Friday, March 4, 2011

Let’s Go Racin’


Phoenix Feb 2011 001

Last weekend we headed to Phoenix for our annual race weekend with the grand’s.

In past years, this race weekend fell around Easter and we would have an egg hunt at the track. NASCAR switched around their schedule and in doing so moved our spring race to the second race of the year.  Unfortunately there was no egg hunt and we encountered some COLD weather also. 

Since we had no one to watch our dogs since they were all going to the race, we had to bring Bella. Our three older dogs were okay staying home alone, but Bella, had we left her as well, she would have probably chewed up or gotten into things puppies get into. Tucker was not happy he didn’t get to go. He was so funny, dancing around as we packed the trailer, assuming he was going to get to go. We promised him he will go in November. Bella had a great time, however she still needs to learn some social skills. She thinks everyone is suppose to talk to her and she thought the other dogs were suppose to play with her.  We had to remind her that walks to the doggie area was for potty not playing.

Phoenix Feb 2011 003

The first wave of grand’s arrive on Friday morning, and of course grandma had homemade breakfast jacks ready for them. Afterwards we headed done to the midway for some shopping and games.

   Phoenix Feb 2011 031 Phoenix Feb 2011 032

We had so much fun at the Toyota area where we got to actually test drive 4 different cars on their rugged course. We drove the Tundra and the FJ Cruiser. While my daughter liked the Tundra I really like the FJ.

After browsing around a bit we headed back to the trailer for lunch. Shortly after it was time for us to go on our garage tour. Something we have done many times before but always fun to do.

   Phoenix Feb 2011 042 Phoenix Feb 2011 048

   Phoenix Feb 2011 050 Phoenix Feb 2011 051

When it was time to go the Camping World Truck race we got all bundled up and headed to our seats. I had on two sweatshirts, a jackets and a wool hat under the hoodie. BRRRRRR!

Phoenix Feb 2011 071

The next morning our son and the other grand’s arrived. We loaded the kids up and headed into the midway for fun and games.

   Phoenix Feb 2011 090 Phoenix Feb 2011 091

Phoenix Feb 2011 099

First was some racing on a slot track.  Of course the boys and men had to do it twice!

   Phoenix Feb 2011 105  Phoenix Feb 2011 110

   Phoenix Feb 2011 108 Phoenix Feb 2011 107

Since Peanut, Giggle’s, and Button’s did want to race again they were just hanging out then began dancing to the music. Peanut just tickles my heart…she is just so darn cute!

       Phoenix Feb 2011 119 Phoenix Feb 2011 120

Phoenix Feb 2011 121

For the rest of the morning my camera stayed in my lap while we traveled through all the venders and played their games. The kids walked out with bags of goodies. We went back to the trailer, had lunch, rested a bit before the Nationwide race began.

  Phoenix Feb 2011 133 Phoenix Feb 2011 138

This is the first year our sons kids got to go in the stands. They were so excited!

   Phoenix Feb 2011 139 Phoenix Feb 2011 141

Peanut eventually fell asleep…(I have a picture of one or another asleep at the races,this time it was her turn.)

Phoenix Feb 2011 148

However the other kids had a great time experiencing the sights and sounds of the race track. Monkey Man even wants to pick a driver. We suggested Clint Bowyer of the Cheerios car but he hasn’t decided yet. He might even pick Kyle Bush just for the M&M’s like Buttons did.

   Phoenix Feb 2011 149 Phoenix Feb 2011 150 

Phoenix Feb 2011 157


As it is with life, everything must come to an end and with the race over, it was time for our son and his family to leave. Insert sad face! I love the time we get but I really don’t like the good-byes. Neither do they.

For us it was time to pack down things for the storm coming in. Yes, the forecast was 100% chance of rain and boy did it rain.  I am so glad the guys took the time to do. Others didn’t and boy did they have a mess to clean up.

It not only rained…IT SNOWED!

Phoenix Feb 2011 162

We were woke up around 6 AM to the sounds of trucks and when I took Bella out for her morning walk I discovered why! We had a lake a row up from us that went from one end of the road to other and the length of our row. It took them a couple hours to suck up all the water.

We could hear the blowers on the track drying it and the sun was out though it wasn’t raising the temperature.

  Phoenix Feb 2011 208    Phoenix Feb 2011 191 Phoenix Feb 2011 192 

We bundled up once again and headed to our seats for the Sprint Cup race. It was miserably cold! I tried really hard to tough it out but with cold weather my muscles will spasm and then begins the fasciculation's.  No matter what I did I just couldn’t get the area around my ribs to settle down. The pain overcame me and I had to go to the trailer sometime after 100 laps and a red flag. I really felt bad for the others. Just because I couldn’t make it through doesn’t mean they couldn’t stay and watch but they chose to leave with me. I wish they would have stayed and watched the race then hubby would have seen his guy win and then tear up the racetrack for it’s repaving.

We all not only went back to the trailer but decided to go ahead and  pack up and get out of the track before the race ended so to miss all the traffic. Usually we don’t leave till the Monday after but my pain was not getting any better, we were just about out of water, and all I wanted to do was go home. I don’t like being the reason certain things are cut short but it is what it is and I am just happy that I can do what I do. Surely it could be a lot different.

All in all, it was a great weekend!

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  1. Loved the post and esp. you on your chair. Cute! Thanks for sharing and glad you all had a good time in spite of the cold. Being with family is fun, especially with the grands. I'm lovin' mine! Hugs and have a grea weekend!



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