Monday, September 13, 2010

We Have Racing Again!

Ten years ago our local track closed. The owner then had a falling out with drivers and fans and just closed the gates. A number of times some tried to buy the track but he wouldn't sell. Not until the Cocopah Indians made him a really good offer ten years later. The tribe rebuilt the weather grand stands, cleaned it a bit and reopend the gates this weekend. So we headed out for the Grand Reopening.

And we were not alone...

The line winded through the parking lot.

And more people kept arriving.

Finally we arrive at the gate.

Got our tickets and made our way in.

It was great to see old race fans again. For years we had become a family. We all sat in the same places and cheered on many local drivers. We sponsered cars, donated items to be raffled off, bought our 50/50 tickets, and enjoyed our local track. This night would bring back many of us. Though we didn't get our usuall seats we did manage to sit with some of the old friends of the past.

It was time for racing, again!

It was thrilling to see the first green flag drop.

It was even more thrilling to see the first checkered flag...

...drop and our first winner!

Flash drove the factory stock division and also bought out factory stock car that had been in our backyard for almost 10 years. Though tonight he was driving a different car, he promised our old car will be on the track the next race. I can't wait! Like I told my time, let's get there earlier so we can get our regular seats. I can't wait!

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