Sunday, September 12, 2010


Like most of the country we were in shock as we watched the first tower on fire, then the second plane crashes into the second tower. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the towers began crashing down to the street below. Living thousand of miles away, we were drawn to the site by the way of the TV. Each time news clips showed the faces, the cloud of smoke that seemed to overcome them, we watched in dismay. Did that really just happen!

Most of the country can remember what they doing, where they were at, when the attack happened. Here is was no different. Just hours later, we will always remember the call that came from home. At first we thought it was to touch base over the recent incident. Again  in the blink of an eye, our world was going to change as well.

It was a gray day from the beginning with the attack, but it only got worse for us. The call was to tell us Mom was taken to the hospital. From the tone of Dad's voice we could tell it was not good. Though he tried to hide his fear, we felt it. Not only was it a sad day for our nation, it was more so for our family. Mom was losing her battle with cancer.

Even as we watched the news in the days ahead, though we could grasp the pain of those who were lost, the pain of losing Mom was more on our hearts. We began a journey that day and there was nothing we could do but embrace each and every moment. We would talk about how those families must be feeling as they received those calls that were going to be the last time they heard their voices. Our heart were breaking for them and for our children who were about to lose their Grams who had always been a big part of their lives.

9-11 is a date I will never forget and as the nation remembers in their own way, it will also remind us of what we lost in the weeks after.

As with any loss, we picked ourselves us, got through the challenges as a family, rebuilt and recovered just as our nation has done. Like the attacks that showed we were one nation, under God, indivisible, we as a family also showed that we were under God and indivisible. No matter who or what comes or leave our path, we move forward and grow as God intended.

Our Journey will always be about our family and I would love to be able to continue sharing it all with you but due to attacks on our family, I need to protect them as God sees fit. I'm sure we all have anonymous readers, for reasons of their own they chose to not show themselves. Some of my anonynous readers are hurt by what I write because they are not a true part of our family. Their own actions have distanced themselves from us. I do not write to hurt them, but they do what ever they can to hurt us. It needs to end and so our journey, just for now will be altered, just until it is once again safe. Just as our nation had to alter their security, so must we. Just as our nation needed the time to rebuild, so do we. Nothing stays the same, and we all grow from the ashes. It is our time to grow and to move on without looking over our shoulder.

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This blog will remain and I will continue to particapate in You Capture, I hope to get back to my Simple Women's Daybook, and other things of interest. Over the next few days, this blog will look different as I figure out how to move things from here to the new one, and give this one a new look as well. Hang in there with me, Please.

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  1. I'm sad you have to go private but I do understand!! I can't figure out how to email you but if you respond to my comment I know how to respond and then you will have my email. I sound dumb but I just can't get this computer to send an email via your profile. I would love to follow you blog!


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