Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grandma Day's

Every Wednesday I still pick up the 'Grands' from school. It's an early release day for teacher in service or something. I rarely miss a Wednesday and can gaurantee to receive a call before school to ask any number of things, from "can Bella come" to can we have make or do this or that, to just play around in the yardon their own.

The only thing that is the same every Wednesdayis the very first thing we do is homework.

Then after that comes...

We then settle down with a bowl of popcorn and watch a few of their favorite shows. Todays day was cut short as we, my hubby and I, had a dinner date with a friend who was in town. Before leaving, Bug of course played outside with Bella, blowing bubbles for her. Bella loves bubbles as much as the 'Grands'. She will jump realy high to bite at them. Bug sure does like spending any time with her. She has become his dog in a way. She will let him do just about anything for him. It is great to watch them together and that she healed the pain of losing Maybell. These two will grow together over the years.

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