Monday, September 20, 2010

A Friday Grandma Day?

I had the pleasure of this little guys company while his mommy picked up some extra hours at work.

After breakfast and watching a few of his favorite shows, we headed outside.

This boys loves to swing from a rope.

He also like to ride the bikes.

As with Bug, we made our own little race course out of chalk and he followed the path a number of times, each time doing it faster and faster.

Of course a day at grandma's isn't complete without chalk art. The sun was glaring to much for our pictures to come out. We traced his shadow, the bike's shadow, and even a tree branch. He thought the rainbow maker was cool and I even had to refill it from all his art work.

Nothing could be finer then to be, not Carolina, but heaven, which is where life with 'Grands is. I love these kind of days and am so blessed to have them.

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