Saturday, August 28, 2010

You Capture - Outside

Outside is not something I normally do this time of year unless it is watching or wading in the pool with the one of the 'Grands'. It is just TOO hot out to really enjoy the outside but having pool does ease the discomfort. So most of my outside pictures seem to be around the pool.

Or capturing one who wishes he could be in the pool, LOL!

But the next day while outside watching my hubby put the latch on the new gate a thunder storm was coming in quick and furious. So I thought, what the hey, I''ll just start clickin away. I did not change my setting, it remained on auto which is how I take most of my pictures. Since the lightning was occurring within seconds of each other the first time I actually caught a bolt I jumped up and down in excitement. After a few minutes of taking close to 30+ pictures, one right after another, when I uploaded them and began editing I found I had captured these as well.

The storm lasted for hours into the night. At one point it sounded like the lightning was striking right out in our yard but there was no way I was going to, even if able, try and capture them. Best to be safe in the house then to get hit by one of them. I'm such a worry wart over things like that.

So in the morning I went out to survey the damage in the sunlight. My Policeson came by that night to check on us and with his flash light we did a brief look around. But daylight showed the true picture.

My pool had debris in it and all around it. The turtle pen lost it's roof.

One of my favorite trees that kept my patio shaded was snapped off and leaning over the fence for the steers to enjoy.

But around town there was more damage. It looked like a war zone or the after math of a tornado.

Well, that is my experience for OUTSIDE this week. Head on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry and see what others did outside this week. As for me, I am heading back outside today, face the heat, to watch our 'Grands' tackle a 4 story water slide at the Summer Splash Bash. Check back tomorrow or later tonight to see the fun they had OUTSIDE!



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  2. Great job on the lightning strikes. I've tried but in vain to capture one. Yours are quite spectacular as are the photos following the storm that went through. Thanks God no one was hurt. Also, is the longhorn yours? I love him!!!

  3. Quite a week you have had! I totally understand the not venturing outside other than into the pool, we suffer the same fate and I am really looking forward to cooler weather. I love the first lightening photo - I've never tried capturing it myself. Also the photo of the drunken telegraph poles, that is a great shot.

  4. The shots of the lightening bolts are amazing! I am glad that you were all safe after the storm!

  5. I'm glad you are ok and your property sustained minimal damage. Loved the lightning shots though. Thanks for sharing.
    My outside experience last week was going to Crater Lake and Diamond Lake and finding some water falls as well. Those will be posted soon, although there's a few already up on today's post. Thanks for stopping by lately! Hugs!

  6. wow, quite an adventurous week for you! These are amazing pictures, i'm impressed!

  7. Oh my goodness! What a crazy week outdoors for you. On the bright side, those are some amazing lightning shots! :)

  8. Holy WOW what a lightning shot! Glad your family was safe, even if you had some damage to your property.

  9. Wow your lightning shots are great!


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