Thursday, August 26, 2010

Around the House!

Around here,we have been busy!

Last year a wind storm took out our pool fencing

Our main concern at the time was to secure the side that fell down. With a wedding just months away we had many other projects on the burner that took priority over replacing it all. So for the last year only one side of the fence looked like this.

It still needs the decorative top rail bewtween the post and post caps done, but if you know us, some projects take a longer time to complete, but they do get completed. After all, Our Journey Through LIFE comes with many bumps and detours, but we eventually conquer the long over do tasks. Which is what we tackled this last weekend. The gate to the pool finally followed suit and fell over during yet another wind earlier this spring. Using temporary supports we were able to secure the pool again but is now time to replace the post and make it permanent.

So with the help of these two young men, the new post is up.

Hubby had made new gates from recycled fencing that matched our existing fencing. A little bit of paint and walla, new gates. However, they are just temporary gates until he creates the ones I really would like, but for now we will have gates that swing and lock without bungee straps.

Once the post was secured it was time for some fun and games. Mr. T (our daughter's hubby and Big and Button's step daddy) played around with the pogo stick. I am such a collector and this is one of my boy's toys when they were younger, along with the stilts I had kept for when I had 'Grand's, and here we are. The 'Grands' sure do enjoy going through the trunk of old toys and bringing them back to life.

We had a visitor from next door roam around the field.When he arrived last year we thought he was for Thanksgiving but he remains a member of their farm. I sure hope he isn't dinner this year. He is so cute!

As our week continued on, we had a visit from the 'Grand' The Boy! Our Policeson recently buzzed his hair for a cooler look and this little guy loves it. But not as much a the slide on the pool. He is getting so comfortable in the water that he now comes up with new tricks, like this one...

We had some rain this week and it left behind a beautiful rainbow.

The night before we had a business meeting, while during it we lost power for a few minutes, and felt like a storm was not only happening outside but could be happening with our business as well. When over, we no longer felt like a ship sinking in the storm, and waking to this rainbow, almost directly over our heads, spanning from one side of our property to the other, gave us a sign that there is hope after all. God shows us signs in ways He knows we will see them.

With that, Our Journey Through LIFE, continues moving forward. It is just a week away when family begins to arrive for the Labor Day weekend and our celebration of those in our LIFE will begin. My home will be blessed with all 7 of our 'Grands', a showering for our new one to come, and can't wait for the laughter that will fill the walls for years to come.

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  1. That looks like a well used and well loved pool and I'm so jealous!! I want one too!! I hope you enjoy your family next week, mine are all coming on Sunday and staying for a week going home on the Labour Day weekend.



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