Friday, August 20, 2010

Pins and Needles

No I am not sewing...well not today at least. I am waiting for these valance's to come... that I can turn them into bumper pads for the cradle.

This cradle was bought 31 years ago for my daughter. My best friend (God rest her soul) had made me a quilt that matched my nursery of yellow gingham. Back then we didn't have the luxury of knowing the sex before birth.

It has had many babies snuggle in it over the years. I loaned it to my sister in law for her daughter and made new pads for her. When my daughter was pregnant with Bug, it was remade again to complement her Noah's Ark nursery (have no idea, ok maybe I do, why no pictures were taken. My MIL was losing her battle with cancer and my life was to say the least upside down and all around crazy). Our Fireson did not use it as her family had a cradle made for them. But when our daughter was pregnant with Button's, I transformed it again for her Tinker Bell nursery. Though I did not make those pads I did make the canopy to hang over it. I had been sewing on a quilt for her that was made from my MIL's old crocheted table topper her mother had made. However I ran into a few snags with my health and it is still, yes 6 years later, in the sewing drawer uncompleted. Just writing this gives me inspiration to finish it so that it will be in the hope chest for when Button's, many, many, many years from now might use it for her daughter.  

I did however make the padding for her Moses basket.

Now I get to transform it again to complement our Policeson's nursery.

I just love getting ready for new additions to the family.

Once she picked out her colors and found bedding she liked, the set did not come with cradle bedding. So I am going to transform the valance into the pads. I will also take the crib sheets and remake them into cradle sheets, I hope get two sheets out of one, maybe even three. After all, those few months that she will be in it, lots of sheet changing takes place. I had suggested that our son could refinish it to match the crib but they felt it was not necessary since it will be in their bedroom most of the time.

Her mom will be here in a couple weeks and we will all work together to put together the nursery hopefully after the shower. However, this little one is trying to come early so we might just have a guest of honor at the shower. Last weekend she spent most of the day in the maternity ward. Test were done and her weight is measured to be in the 5 lb range but her lungs are the concern. The longer she stays put the better. Of course we and the church are praying vigilantly that she doesn't come to soon. Only God knows when she will make her entrance so we are on PINS and NEEDLES hoping things go well and as God desires. 

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