Monday, July 5, 2010

I Continue to be Blessed...

While we continue on through this journey, even with some people trying to block our path, God provides us with some of the most wonderful experiences.

In the last couple of days, those experiences have touched our hearts and we can only praise God for allowing us the opportunity to spend this time together.

It began with a trip over to our son's to spend some time with the 'Grands' celebrating the 4th of July. Thank God the town he lives in do their display on the 3rd. It worked great for those who must divide their time. It also allows us to see lots of fireworks. I love fireworks! Something the 'Grands' are beginning to enjoy as well. We all had so much fun.

Of all the photo's I took this was probably the best one.

After the fireworks, we headed home to finish up preparations for our annual 4th BBQ.

Not one of my best tables but with water and kids, simple worked.

My brother was also going to come down but had a snag at his end that didn't allow it to happen. However we still had a full house and a great time...

Our celebration wouldn't be complete without one of our daughter's great cakes....

Unfortunately as she was assembling the cake she goofed up on her layers.
She flipped the center the wrong way.
However it tasted GREAT!

The pictures of our fireworks will have to come later as my daughter took them all with her new fancy camera and will have to wait for her to edit them now that she shuts in raw. After my experience the night before, I didn't even bother to try and take pictures. The previews I did get to see on her camera looked really good. Can't wait to see the edited results and get them from her.  

So how did you spend the 4th?

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  1. Wow you have so many grands!! Lucky you!! Your pictures are great!!



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