Monday, June 28, 2010

Grand Day Monday...Time Flies...

When your having fun!

Without the 'Grands', Bug and Button
here, my grandma days have changed just a bit.

Last week was our first week without them being around. But we are not forgotten...'Grand' Bug called me just the other night. Of course he had to check on Bella. We hear from them every day about their visit. They are having a great time, though they really miss their mom and Bella. VBS started this week so they will have a great time there. Their dad also has them signed up for soccer summer league, this will be their 2nd year participating and they really enjoy it.

Before they left and the day after we got home from our vacation, we began a week of Grandma Days...

That were spent in the pool...

...and playing some baseball.

Button had recital rehearsals...

There was even time for popcorn...

Our last day with them ended with 'Grand' Button's dance recital, "The Fairest of Them All"

But my grandma days do continue with these 'Grands'...

The Boy found bubbles last week during his visit.

While they were over, we had some excitement. Seems my well pump decided to go out. We had no water! Then when we got water it was orange. After about an hour flushing things out, finally we had clear water. Then we didn't again. We repeated the process and made a call to the well pump guy. We went through the night with little water usage so to not drain the storage tank until the guy came first thing the next morning. $1200 later we have a new pump. If I hadn't been on my way out to the doctors, I would have taken pictures of it being fixed. He had to use this high boom thingy that picked up the well pipe with the pump attached at the bottom. I guess it's normal to replace well pumps after 12 years. With the water we pump, which is why I have my own little water plant to clean up, they normally only last about 10 years.

Then Saturday we spent the day with our Fireson and a 1/4 of his family.
His other 3 children were with their mom.
I can't wait to see them again also. Hopefully soon.

While my Hubby and Fireson worked on this...

I got to spend time with the Little Man..

Last night The Boy was over swimming but I didn't take my camera out to the pool. Those memories will just have to remain in my heart. He was so cute...braving his new freedom from the swimmies. He can dive, cannonball, slide and swim without them now. I couldn't count on all my hands or feet the number of times he would say, "Watch this!" His mom was telling me that he now goes down the slide at the aquatic park as well.

Time sure does fly when your having fun. Now I must get ready for the upcoming, fun filled packed 4th of July weekend ahead. I am so excited my brother is planning to come down. I just love my 4th of July BBQ's. Each year it is different...I can't wait to see how this year unveils.

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  1. Oooh. Lovely pictures! I especially love the dancing ones. Takes me back ...



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