Friday, July 23, 2010

A Grand Doggy Day!

Remember Nikki, our Policeson's American Bull doggy.

She loves to come visit and play with Bella.

She refuses to swim in the pool and in our heat needs to be cooled off.

The minute I hook up the sprinkler she knows it's for her.
It's been something I have done for her since she was a puppy.
Today I couldn't find the one I usually use so I hooked up on of those oscillating kinds.
You know the ones that go back and forth.
With the flat kind she will put her mouth over it or stand on top of it.

I guess she must have been trying to do that with this one and it wasn't working.
So she began digging, and digging at the ground until she made a huge mud puddle.

She definetly had a great time!

She wasn't happy she had to be hosed down afterwards so to go home.
I think she knew it meant it was time to go home.

Bella is now crashed out.

Thanks for the Grand Doggy Day Nikki!

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