Monday, June 14, 2010

Phew! We Are Home! 'Grand' Day!

The last time we took a 2 week vacation it was 2004 and we took the whole family to Hawaii.

This time, as you all know, it was just Hubby and I, oh and Bella.

The plan was to spend 12 relaxing days in the Napa Valley. And we accomplished just that!

I thought I could do some uninturpted blogging during the trip but a weak internet connection didn't allow that to happen. I believe it was by the grace of God. Had we been at the place we had hoped to stay, that might have been different. We would have been really close to town surrounded by trimmed green grass and a concrete pad, laundry and well maintained shower facilities, high speed internet, all the comforts of homes. However His plan was for us to be staying out at Skyline Park, which is basically camping. To get even a weak signal was a luxury. The few times I tried to connect, were so frustrating. Just as I was in the middle of writing, it would shut down. Thank God my pages weren't lost. Everything was here saved as a draft. I even quit trying to upload pictures. It would go so slow which would then cause it to shut down. Gags! Why bother! After all, we were suppose to be on vacation!

Away went the computer!

I soon found the peace and quite refreshing. The many, many, many, many walks with Bella where each one brought new and exciting views. It was weird how at one hour of the day the terrain showed us one thing. Then a few hours latter, as the sun was setting completely different activities were being performed by the wildlife. Squirrels were safe in their burrows as the foxes began their evening watch. The hawks sit perched on branches with their heads tucked down. Frogs and crickets begin singing in harmony.

Today I could say I miss all that piece and quite, and in many ways rightfully, but I am so glad to be home. I missed my 'Grands', my home, my other doggies who don't get to travel. I even missed the drama our life seems to be having it's fair share of.

So today I get to have a solo 'Grand' day with our 'Grand' Bug. 'Grand' Button had a sleepover with her BFF but we will have our solo day tomorrow which includes dance recital rehearsal.

We'll see how it goes today.

Seems while on vacation I ended up with some edemia. My feet, ankels and calves are swollen. My hands were off and on but the feet never went down. They look pretty good today and hope they return to normal along with our routines.

Vacation is over... and the 'Grand' Days resume...

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