Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY May 4, 2010

Outside my window...has been another glorious morning. The birds continue to chirp and fly about as I sit in my chair on the patio reading my daily bible. Bella is enthralled in these birds and she thinks they are toys to play with. I must gaurd the new flyers from her so thay have at least a chance. Sometimes I am not successful and it makes me sad.

I am thinking...how things might have been instead of how they can be. I will continue to keep in pray for God's guidance on this journey. That he will show me the way we need to go and how to get there.

I am thankful for...how God has answered so many of our prayers and that he alone knows this journey better then I. I am  thankful for the faith he gives me.

From the learning rooms...that seem to be everywhere right now. Each room has a different lesson for us and sometimes we are challenged in ways we never thought we would be. Yesterday our 'Grand' Bug stated that all my kids are divorced. As I reach for God's guidance in how to answer him, I heard his words come out of my mouth and our 'Grand' accepted my explaination. It taught me what I really already knew, that kids do see, hear and feel what is going on around them even when we try our hardest to protect them. He understood that he will know more as life grows on and that we can have this conversation anytime he has a question.

From the kitchen...will be Chicken Fajitas for dinner tonight.

I am wearing...jeans and a tee.

I am creating...everlasting memories for my family. Ones that we enjoy sharing during our family dinners. That they are adding to these creations almost daily.

I am going...to finally have a housekeeping again. It has been hard these last few weeks without one. She starts next Monday and I will be going out to stock up on the supplies she will need.

I am reading...One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer

I am hoping...that things settle down so that we can remain focused on what God wants us to.

I am hearing...all about career week at the 'Grands' school. Today was sports day and the kids were to dress up abouts a sport. Bug was a Tony Stewart racefan and Buttons went as a cheerleader.

Around the house...are many items that Bella continues to drag in from outside or pull out of her toy box. Yes, we have a towy box for her and she is so cute that she actually will drop a few back in after playing. Last night I couldn't find one of my slippers. I looked all around for it and thought to check her box by chance. Sure enough, there was my slipper. I also have a lot of the sea shells from the beach  (our unique sand box) that she continuelly plays with. Each time I take them back out, she brings them back in hours later. I have decided to let her have a few so she will leave the rest alone.

One of my favorite things...right now is watching this....

In fact I am obsessed with it right now, watching and waiting for that first egg in the nest. I have seen something similar through the San Diego Zoo...

But this Live Loon Cam is so different. It is nature in real life. I hope you check it out.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow will be week 4 of my One in a Million Bible study group that i am so enjoying. I have thursday off from doctor's and am so excited. I might just try to do some shopping. Friday will be another 'Grand' Day arranged by the 'Grand' Bug himself. I just can't say no when they want to spend time with me or shall I say Bella. Him and Bella are becoming really good best buds. Saturday I will putt around with hubby preparing the yard and pool for Sunday. As for Mother's day, I will just enjoy what ever plans have been made for me.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Enjoying spending time with some 'Grands' on May Day.


  1. I decided to visit everyone on my followers list...Hi (o:
    I enjoyed seeing all your Grand pictures
    I love to post my Grand happenings too
    I loved the scrapbook pages....I so want to scrap and have stuff...I just can't make it happen (o:
    were those pages on paper or digital?
    Come visit me and leave a comment sometime.

  2. thanks for the tip.. I can't quite figure it out though :P I have a mac so maybe it uploads differently?? Probably is just me though, I'm not very good with computers!! Hope you have a great day!


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