Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day to me is something we celebrate every day, but for this one day a year, we are the center of all their attention. A day where we are given the chance to be pampered and appreciated. A day where we get to pamper and celebrate our mother's as well. It is now a day where I miss my mom's, but am so thankful for the time we had with them and the times that will be ahead becomes they loved me.

My mother had her hands full. I was the 5th of six children and the 4th girl.  Back then I got all the hand me downs and in a way even her love was hand me downs. I know that sounds sad but with all she had to deal with, it was her way of showing her love. I have great memories of Mother's Day growing up. Even though my father created many burdens for her, he did take us out shopping for her and always planned a great day to celebrate her. My mother did set an example of how to mother even when things are stacked against you. Her Godly ways were planted in my soul the way God had planned and through the years her seeds have grown into the mother and grandmother I am today.


I have now experienced 31 Mother's Days. Wow-o-wow. In those 31 years not one was the same, yet they were all the same. Each year, as our children got older, the celebrations changed. Sometimes I would only have one child home, sometimes two and when all three were able to be here, I truly felt blessed. I found that I could always count on breakfast being cooked for me or be taken out for breakfast each and every year no matter what. Church began to be and still is where the day begins. I've been taken to fancy Mother's Day brunch's to BBQ's and swimming at the house. No matter how it is spent, just being a mother, has been the best part of my life.


My very first Mother's Day (1979) in a way set the direction of how things would be for years to come. I had only been a mom for 4 months. I didn't receive anything special to signify this special occasion. I received a small bouquet of flowers, probably a card, but no special trinket like some to signify this 1st occasion. A few weekends after, we went to the King Tut exhibit in San Francisco. It was a gift from his mother and a way to help teach him how to celebrate me. She even went with us. I still have all the memories of that day. She probably planned this to show or teach my hubby how to celebrate me in a way maybe she had not been celebrated herself. You see, my FIL, bless his soul, and my hubby were the same in many ways, and yet different in so many ways too, with many thanks to her. If not for his mother, I might have given up on him back then. In fact, I almost did 3 years later, but that is a different story for a different time. She set the best example and I am so proud to have called her my Mother in Law.

(My mom, my daughter)                   (My MIL, My daughter and I)
(our 1st generation photo))                                                          
On that first Mother's Day, we had gone out to breakfast with some friends. We spent the afternoon at her parents house, and played some miniature golf (yes, her parents had built a 9 hole miniature golf course in their backyard). Back then, it was all about us, me, my hubby and our precious little girl. We did so many things as a family, just not with other family. We must have gone by his parents house as there is a picture of our daughter with her great grandmother. There was no 3 generation picture with my mom taken. I'm sure we went over there. I can't imagine we didn't, for I would always be thoughtful in things like that. It's just that it didn't stick in my mind as anything special. In fact this is one regret I have of my mother, not ever did we have a 3 generation picture taken when my daughter was young. My sisters did. It was something I wished I had done but never did. It is probably why now I try to get a picture of me with my daughter and granddaughter.



When my children came into our life, I had already decided how I would love a child. What I will do for a child and what I can give a child. My children were and still are my life. Whatever I do, I do it for them in one way or another. Our journey was not an easy one, but one that created many wonderful times. Those are the memories we hold dear to our hearts.

As the years have passed by, each Mother's Day was better then the one before. Each year new and sometimes old things were done in new ways of celebrating and each one holds special memories. I learned from that very first Mother's Day to not expect anything more then what someone could give but to enjoy the time we had together no matter how or whatever way it happens.


My memory trunk contains so many of those gathered trinkets of Mother's Day past. From the cards, to the hand made gifts from the kids when young and dried flowers that remind me of this great Journey Through LIFE!

I am so looking forward to how today will add to those treasured memories.

I can count on this...

It will be a....

Happy Mother's Day!

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