Monday, May 10, 2010

We Had The Most Wonderful Mother's Day

The day began with my tables being set and ready for the family to arrive. Usually having a dinner at home for such an occasion would mean using one of my many china's but today we were BBQing rib's, chicken, hamburger's, and hotdog's, so I opt to use paper plates. I didn't want any of my placemats soiled with sauce's so I used the same wrapping paper as the gifts, cut them into placemat size and wala, disposable placemats. When my hubby came home with flowers for me, the colors matched the table perfectly. I wanted to add some ribbon runners for more color, I just didn't have any wide ribbon in my drawer of spools. Reminder to self, stock up with some wider assortments of colors for such an occasion.

We decided to go the second church service since hubby has been going to the doctor for the last 3 days getting an IV antibiotics for the pneumonia. Yep, even on Sunday the office opened. It saved us so much money by doing it this way so he wouldn't have to be hospitalized. We left for church shortly after he got home. It was going to be a memorable service as our 'Grand' Bug and Button had decided this last week they wanted to be baptized. With all the family there to witness their choice to except Jesus as their Savior, made it extra special. I took picture but with my daughters camera, so will have to get copies after she uploads them. This is where I can tell you I love makes it so easy for us to share photos. Being  working mom and also having computer problems, she won't get to it till Thursday after it is fixed. Once they are available I will post them all for you to see. They were so darn cute. When we all got back to the house, the 'Grands' opened their special gift...Button received a cross neckless with the word Faith engraved on it and Bug received a medallion with a my special bible verse to him, "With God all things are possible".

I opened my gifts from the kids. I got this lovely clock and a photo of the 'Grands'. Buttons made her card for me while at a scrapbook class with her mom. Inside she drew a picture of her, her mom and me to represent 3 generations. The card was made with pockets that had a tab to pull out and in one was a picture she drew of her and her mom and the other her and me.  

First the 'Grands played on the beach helping Bella work on a great big hole she had started.

While we the feast was prepared, the 'Grands' did some swimming until the winds, and I mean COLD winds, began to blow. They spent most of their time before and after dinner on the beach. Even Bella got into the burying of feet.

After dinner the 'Grands' went back out to continue playing. Climbing trees, swinging from a rope and eventually jumping the rope and a brief game of limbo that Bella had to get involved with also.

We ended our wonderful day with desert of strawberry short cake and chocolate cream pie.

We also did our family pictures. My camera was not doing the job so they grabbed my daughters camera that takes better photo's. I will just have to wait to see how hers came out but until then, this is what I have and as I always do, I accept what I get and be thankful.

As you can tell, we had the most wonderful Mother's Day!

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  1. I can surely tell you had a very nice Mother's Day!!


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