Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Love a Party!

We're Having a Party!

A while back I mentioned we LOVE to through parties.

I also love finding and creating neat idea's to set the mood. I am often told I should start a business doing events, but I feel it would take all the fun out of it. Plus after seeing what I have seen on other blogs, mine are not really better then theirs. Just that a lot of LOVE went into each and every one.

The first party we are planninig for is a NASCAR BBQ with friends and family while we are visiting the Napa Valley next week.

So what have I found or what will I put together?

Since we will be RVing it and it's already filled with our NASCAR banners, flags and games, I will make it look like it does while we are at the races.

I will be making some of these....

Thanks to these directions and I can't forget to mention the ones Pioneer Women made. There are so many others who have come up with some creative ways of making and decorating these. Can't wait to see how mine will come out.

It will be the first time I will make them so my daughter came over today with all the ingrediants to make some for a Going Away Party we are attending tomorrow. Now I won't feel like I am attacking something blind. We will be using red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. For the Going Away Party, we will do something simple. For the NASCAR BBQ I will decorate them using NASCAR colors. I they come up like I hope they will, check back on June 7th, to see.

Having free internet at the RV park will be great and I will be able to do some undisturbed blogging. It will be 2 weeks of nothing but relaxing and visiting. I even have another puzzle started by my son to work on. He used the RV for a few days and left it for me to finish. Hopefully it won't slide off the table during any sharp turns.

Right now these are the only preparations we have made since I have been cleaning and packing the RV. Once we get to Napa on Tuesday I will be able to attack other decorations and fun edible delights.

When we get home it will be time to concentrate on the Baby Shower and our step 'Grand' The Boy's 4th birthday.

Call us crazy but with family coming in for the shower and The Boy's birthday is the next day, we might as well have a celebration for him also. It just might help with all the attention on the new baby, for him to have a special day as well. He's in Florida right now visiting his grandparents and when we all get home I can nail down what kind of party he would love to have and go from there.

As far as we have gotten in the planning for Baby Showere is the date, the guest and the colors....

We found this awesome Louis Vuitton Baby Bag Cake.
A dear friend has offered to recreate it for us. Bless her heart.

 We fell in love this darling diaper cake.

And the invites might look something like this.

We haven't decided yet. Since it will be a co-ed shower and the daddy to be has mentioned he likes the Rock Baby Theme, we will see. We thought when he said this that we could use records for the place mats and a label on them announcing the baby to be. There are still more things to put together but at least we have been putting ideas down and poundering them in our heads.

Enough for today...I must get back to that packing.

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