Friday, April 16, 2010

You've Gotta Love Sock's!

My daughter was and still is a sock lover! I blame her grandma since each time she got her a new outfit it came with coordinating socks. Imagine how thrilled she was when at Peir 39 in San Francisco they had a store of socks! So many colors and styles, she had a hard time picking which ones (actually she probably got more then one pair) she wanted.

So now, I am following in my MIL's footsteps. Each time I buy outfits for the 'Grand' daughter's I either buy socks or shoes that coordinate. Gymboree is one to have a great selections but look what I found at a blog I read. It wasn't a post about the socks.

This little girl, Abby, has cancer and is getting her wish from Make a Wish Foundation. A fellow follower, Lynda, also has a Esty store and commented that she wanted to donate a pair of her socks for the trip.

Socks! I just had to check it out!

Check out these cutie patooties...

How about these...Button's for our Button...

These socks come in many sizes:
  • Newborn 0-6 months
  • 6-12 months(shoe size 1-3)
  • 12-24 months(shoe size 4-5)
  • Shoe size 5-8 1/2
  • Shoe size 9-2
  • Teen and woman's shoe size 3-10
They also come in an array of colors.

Guess my 'Grands' will be receiving some socks cause I just can't resist.

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