Saturday, April 24, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Describing your life in a phrase using just six words,
that's what Six Word Saturday is all about.

I have mentioned it many times that I am reading 
The One Year Bible For Women.

I have also mentioned how much I am loving it.
How lately,
most of the scripture's I am reading have
or are impacting our life in one way or the other.

Today's Proverb once again pretains to our lives right now. 

Proverbs 14:1

1A wise women builds her home,
but a foolish women tears it down with her own hands.

We have been working on our home what seems like a lifetime.
Isn't that how it should be.
After all, in building (remodeling) a home isn't it a lifetime project?

Just as our families grows so must the home grow with them.

I love my kitchen. Some thought I was foolish.

 Was I afraid, of course I was but through prayer and faith,
it came out just like I hoped it would.

One would think this beautiful kitchen is in some BIG spacious house,
but it's not.

We live and remodeled a manufactured home to be our own. Yes, we dream of someday building a new house, but that is only going to happen if it is God's plan.
Until then this is where our heart is, our home.

I never thought I would be living in such a house but when we were ready to buy a house here, after selling our house in the Napa Valley (again, some thought we were foolish), we found this property. Though I was not pleased with the house, the 1.25 acres and this garage is what made it all worth it.

It is HUGE!

It is something my hubby always wanted.

It is 25 x 65 and is divided into three area's.

The actual garage
(sorry about how messy it is,
since this picture they have cleaned it up
and will continue to add cabinetry for storage)

What we call the middle room

and the actual guest room.

Just as our house had been a work in progress,
so is this. We stopped at the trim and baseboard stage, like back in 2001.
Now that the main house is done with all the major construction,
we plan to get back out here and do some minor updates.

First will be adding all the trim and baseboards and laying new flooring in the actual guest house. I also would like to take out the solid door that leads out to back area of the garage with a french door. With a new door will have to come a upgraded backyard with it's own fence so you don't see all the garage items and car parts.

Second will be the middle room, which is our NASCAR room. I would like to arrange it so that it is also a playroom for the 'Grands'. What you don't see in the picture's is another 10 x 25 storage area that I would like to see camouflaged. I already have 2 premade storage closets dividing it off but would like to add a couple more so everything is hidden. I would like to suspend a platform with pulley's so that the race track can always be together and pulled up and down for play and storage. I will keep the twin bed but would like the queen bed built into a murphy bed so that it is out of the way for playing but can be dropped down for added guest.

As for the garage, some reorganization has already begun. We bought 2 - 10 x 10 sheds, one of which is already up and contains all my Christmas decorations and the other will house all the car parts and such. Then the garage will get more cabinets and a new floor paint application. Hubby already redid the area between the RV carport and the garage and it is his woodwork shop. It is a nice size area, 20 x 30, where he can build just about anything.

So you see, building a house, a home, is a never ending thing. We do not build or make a home for anyone else but our family and always in the direction God has provided.

I don't need nor would I want a mansion.

My little home to me is our mansion.


  1. a smart woman builds her confidence.

    6 words.

    mine is up!


    awards for friendship!
    enjoy a nice weekend!



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