Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's Be Real - Just For A Moment!

It's been a while since I actually wrote a blog-blog.

Sure, I join in on meme's, carnival, hops and links, but I have not blogged about our life in general in a while.

So what's been happening...

Our Journey Through LIFE has had some interesting turns, some small bumps, and some awesome scenery.

In the turn category...just as we rounded one turn, here came a hairpin turn. We will navigate our way through this path and continue to feel, no make that see, Gods hand's at work. When a roadblock comes up it allows us the opportunity to change course and the road we find around it ends up being the better direction. Besides, we have always enjoyed the back roads in our travels. Seems we always see things we wouldn't have seen if it hadn't found a different way to get from point A to point B.

Some of the bumps have been with my health...which I won't go into detail about but has forced me to stop doing more then I am able and less then I like. Sure, it causes me to get a bit depressed because I like for things to be a certain way, but I have been enjoying watching the sights. I am learning to start even earlier on things so that the 'Grands' don't go without. Someday, they will only have the memories of how I use to do things. I pray daily, that God gives me more strength and time to enjoy and set an example for them to learn from.

So the scenery around here is different - but wonderful. The final touches on the remodel keep moving along. I have base boards and door trims. More things continue to be unpacked and find their new home around the house. Seems like a slow pace at time but I am always thankful for what ever pace it may come. As I look at our work, I can see my house more as a grandma's house filled with so many memories of journey to here. The puppy adds her own decor at times, bringing in limbs to sand toys but I am not complaining. By tonight my tables will be set and ready for Easter Sunday. Easter baskets are finished and waiting for the 'Grands' to tear into into. The pool is clean with just a minor touch up Saturday evening in preperation of some splashing good fun. I'm sure they won't be in it long as it is still rather on the cool side, but if things go as they have in past years, they will move over the beach and play in the sand, filling buckets with water and have a great time.

So off I go to pick up rental linen...can you believe that? See, I have this huge 72" round table that takes a 132" round table cloth. I tried to order a new one for table but they were out of stock in the color (ivory) I wanted and wouldn't be here before Easter. Why do I have such a large table? When my daughter's wedding was here last fall, the stack was in the driveway and my SIL accidently caught the edges of the bottom tables while backing up. I had to buy one that they said was not fixable. So my hubby fixed it for me and it is now my new dining room table. It will seat 10-12 comfortably and saved me hundreds of dollars from buying a new table for our growing family. Now I just need to acquire a few base colors. All in time, right. Unfortunately, I had so many rectangle table clothes for our other table, that I need to pass them along, saving a few for our teak table outside. I also discovered I can take 2 - 60x84 rectangles to use as a topper. All will still cordinate well with the many napkins I have. Speaking of napkins, I actually bought 12 more for this Easter to make those cute little bunnies. I didn't like the yellow as a bunny and the pastle plaids were colorful but decided to go with an ivory that is the table cloth base color I am renting. With yellow straw place mats and an egg table runner that a beautiful flower centerpiece will set upon, I think it will look wonderful. I will take pictures but doubt I will get them up before we leave tomorrow morning to visit the out of town 'Grands'. If I have time tomorrow night, I will try, otherwise you all will have to wait till Monday to see how our Easter was celebrated.

Since I can't seem to post with out pictures, here a few of our past Easter's.

I hope you all have a wonder Easter celebration and are as thinkful as we that God sent His son to die for our sins.  We will prepare and have a celebration in His honor.


  1. Love to hear your updates. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter celebrating the life we can have only because He gave His. :)

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Easter!! Can't wait to see the pictures!!



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