Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday 'Grand' Day

Had my usual 'Grand' day with Bug and Elllie Bellie. Picked them up from school and headed to dance. Helpded Bug with his DS game, not that I am of much help since he knows the game better then I but he enjoyed teaching me. Ellie Bellie is working hard on her dance for the recital this June. I will record a session when it gets closer of the whole routine. They are all so cute with their tap moves.

Before that I had a surprise visitor earlier in the day. Policeman son (referred to as PS thoughout this post) came out with his family, so, The Boy got to have some quality time at Grams Beach.

He was also very excited of their day trip to San Diego and that he had his own surf board. He immediately retrieved it from the car to show me. As he ran toward the swing set, PS asked him what he was doing..."I'm gonna surf down the slide!" PS's first thought was this could result in a trip to the ER with a broken arm! I reminded him, that his surfing on an ironing board didn't break his arm, he decided to lend him a hand and down he went.

He also brought out Nikki our granddoggy as well. I got to grannysit the granddog while they are in San Diego. This made Bella very happy and will definately cause her to sleep sound tonight. They have been playing around for hours and hours. Nikki has been great with her, not inpatient like Jake. In fact, when Nikki would get a bit rough, it was Jake who would let her know she was to rough. As I am typing this, these two are making us laugh. Bella get's a toy, drops the toy, Nikki get's the toy, and Bella wants it back. Soon her daddy will be here to get her and I'm sure Bella will be out like a light before they get off the drive.

What a wonderful Monday Grand day!

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