Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looking for a great giveaway?

Let me introduce you to a really neat blog.

I found her by chance..clicking and reading and
clicking more on other links from blogs I read.

She is really cool.
I spent the bigger part of the day reading many of her post.
And I so enjoyed her writing and hope you do too.

Looking for a great giveaway?
Just pull up one of your barstools and head over to injaynesworld.

(And for those obsessed with winning (you know who you are), here’s a third opportunity. Copy the above sentence in italics complete with links, post it on your blog, then link it up back to her.)

This giveaway is right up our alley, or more like our driveway.

You can see we have 4 - 4 legged children in our home.

2 of them we call the the grandparents

Jake and Abby.

They are helping us teach our newest addition,
Bella, our 3 month old Chocolate lab, all the rules of the house.
Though tough at times, Bella just doesn't know when to let up and they
need to get a bit aggressive to get their point across.
But she will learn!

Jake and Abby use to do a lot of traveling with us in their early years.
Now they are happy to hang out at home and have
peace and quite while we are gone. However, when we return,
they enjoy the homecoming.

Then in 2005, we acquired our Granddoggy Tucker.

When we brought him home with us from Hawaii,
it was the beginning of his many travels with us,
the first being that plane to Arizona.

He's been to Pismo Beach and the Napa Valley.

He knows when the bags are getting packed
and begins this cute little dance.

He just spins arounds, jumps up and down, and spins around again.

He know when the trailer is being packed,
and does the exact same dance!

He loves going to the races!

He has a complete wardrobe of race shirts
and has become well known at the track.

I mean, how can you not just fall in love with this little guy.

I wonder how he will feel when this April, Bella gets to come along too!

Oh, and this travel doggy food station,
would work out great if we won it.

If you would like a chance, head on over to In Jaynes World.
FYI that is not one of my dogs!

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  1. Tucker looks so much like Dixie. Chis live to be about 15. Sometimes unneutered males develop testicular cancer so at age 9, you might want to just mull that over and decide whether or not you really want to breed him. Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway and showing all the photos of your darling fur-babies.




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