Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Capture - Work?

The assignment for this week...



We own...

We bought our dealership in 1994
and for the next 13 years I worked with my hubby
building our lame duck franchise up to what it is today.

My hubby does a lot of this.

In 2002, our daughter moved back to town
and began working part time for us.

By 2004 I began working part time, half days and
she was able to bring her daughter to work with her.

Then in 2007, I retired from working at the office full time.

It gave me time to spend more time with them!

Even our policeman son use to work for us
before going into the Navy. 
Again, when he received his discharge from the Navy
and while going through the police academy.

He still stops in for visits regularly.

I love a FAMILY business.

I am truly blessed!

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