Friday, February 26, 2010

What Faith Can Do!

The sun was definitely shining today.

Not uncommon in the desert, but I actually went out into it, even if just for a couple hours while the housekeeper was cleaning. What a blessing when the lady at the bank tells you it has been a while since she has seen me. Then tells me how great I look, though I really didn't feel like I did. My hair is in a scrunchie, I'm in jeans, an old tank top and an old denim Mother of the Bride from our daughter wedding. I really don't feel beautiful at all, yet she made me feel like I did. Her words gave me such a lift that I went shopping. Though I was only able to make it to one store, buying for the 'Grands' just iced the cake.

While on my home, this song came on the radio. MIRACLES do happen. I love what God shows me he creates them. I love how God gives me strength. I LOVE that Jesus came to save me. He will continue to do His work and our family will rise above all the set backs, just as He plans.

All my worries and fears are His and He will take care of our struggles.

FAITH...thats what it can do...

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