Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Snapshot Saturday

This weeks theme of Super Snapshot Saturday with Angel is "Fix It".

Since I am a novice at this and continue to learn new things I picked...

Here it is straight from the camera...

and this is them cropped, tuned and little bit of highlight and shading.

This picture was taken 2006 and the 'Grand' Ellie Bellie was 2 years old. I have not played around with texture nor do I know how to add color to a B & W but plan to learn and play around with it more.

Now it's your turn.


  1. Do you have Photoshop Elements? I'd be glad to tell ya how to do the color on black and white if you do... My email addy is on my blog. Let me know what editor you use and I'll try and help ya out!

  2. Thanks and no I do not have that, just Picaso or something like that. As soon as my hubby gets me a new laptop, I want one of those picture editing programs. When I get it, I will definitely take you up on the help.



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